The Virtual Arena: Growth of Out-of-Home VR Entertainment

In this first column of our monthly feature on Virtual Reality (VR) in the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector, it would be good to accurately define the market, and chart the different categories that are shaping a growing sector that has been under-reported, in comparison to the explosion of interest in the consumer application of the technology.

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Out-of-Home Entertainment Specialist Joins Line-up

London, UK, August 19, 2016 – Well known industry specialist Kevin Williams has joined the team as a special feature correspondent, writing a monthly feature on the developments concerning VR and its application beyond the consumer entertainment scene.

Consulting directly in the international Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) sector, and a veteran commentator and presenter on developments in the industry; Williams has been invited to pen a regular column entitled “The Virtual Arena” that will chart Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality trends and developments shaping the public-space entertainment scene.

Commenting on Williams joining the line-up, it’s Editor and VRFocus Ltd. CEO Kevin Joyce said, “With a wealth of experience and being someone who is at the sharp end of helping shape VR’s push into wider forms of entertainment it is great to have Kevin join us. We look forward to sharing his news and views as part of’s growing array of feature content.

On taking on a new monthly column, Williams commented, “I would like to thank the team at VRFocus for offering this great opportunity to write about an aspect of the business I am incredibly passionate about. With recent announcements in out-of-home entertainment employing VR, I think this is a perfect time to dial down into the detail behind many of these developments, and the impacts they will have on our community.

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About VRFocus Ltd.
VRFocus was established in 2013 with a singular goal: to offer consumers a location for all the latest virtual reality (VR) news. Launched in 2014, has quickly become one of the most popular VR specialist media outlets. Continued popularity and enormous growth leading VRFocus Ltd., to become one of the most widely respected VR media companies worldwide:

VR Moments: Battling In Robots

Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) specialist Kevin Williams looks back into Virtual Reality’s history for his VR Moment.

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How ‘NOT’ to shoot in 360º

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Virtual Reality Arcades Are Booming In Shanghai

China has a well-documented fascination with VR, and while top-of-the-line headsets are still too pricey for average consumers, VR arcades are cropping up to fill the gap. A quick look at popular group buying site Dazhong Dianping shows that Shanghai is now home to at least 25 virtual reality arcades, with more opening every month.

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Americans Are in Love With Video Arcades Again

Flip on one of those grainy, black-and-white films of Americans having warm-weather fun at the start of the last century, and you’ll see them rushing the gates of an amusement park, or milling around under the lights of a penny arcade.

Flash forward 100 years and only one of those businesses is still going strong—and it’s not the one you’d expect. As summer vacations and family trips approach, Americans trying to decide what to do with the kids will discover that some of the local attractions they took for granted are no longer an option.

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Universal Orlando Resort Debuts Cutting-Edge Entertainment Experience, Combining Immersive Theater And Virtual Reality

Limited-Time, Halloween Horror Nights Attraction Will Blend Physical Environments, Real-Life Characters and Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality into an Interactive Paranormal Experience

Universal Orlando Resort is unveiling a cutting-edge – and terrifying – interactive experience that will blend custom virtual reality technology with real-life characters and environments to create a whole new generation of psychological horror.

The twisted minds behind Universal Orlando’s award-winning Halloween Horror Nights have combined forces with Universal Creative, the creators of award-winning theme park attractions, to produce a next-level, immersive theater experience that seamlessly bridges live action and virtual reality (VR).

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Virtual reality is coming to your movie theater lobby

How can a new medium achieve widespread consumer adoption without a rich selection of experiences, and why should content creators invest money in building those experiences without a sizable user base or proven way to make money?

At VRLA, one possible solution stood out: movie theaters.

More specifically, movie theater lobbies, or any other space like a mall or museum that could be a friendly home to a walk-by VR station. The catch phrase is location-based VR, and while that’s largely been used to describe VR arcades or theme-park-style installations, Taylor took the show as an opportunity to introduce another option in the form of a pod called the VenueVR Gateway.

Awesome Rocketship VenueVR Gateway

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Pokémon Go Is Good Business for Small Businesses

Pokémon Go users gotta catch ’em all—and small businesses are taking advantage of their obsession with the viral smartphone game.

The augmented reality app, which soared to the top of download charts over the weekend, uses location tracking and cameras to help users capture animalistic characters from Pokémon, the Japanese cartoon franchise. It’s sent users wandering into the streets and parks in search of Squirtles and Blastoises to add to their Pokédex.

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The Fireshark Theater Multiplayer Experience Now Available

Interactive theaters have been an important part of the FEC market for a while now, offering unique mid-sized attractions for locations with some space and a budget. Most of the time, those theaters use light-guns to interact with the game but on occasion, something different may come along. In the case of the new Fireshark Theater by Kansas-based Fireshark Studios, it would fit the bill of being ‘different’. Using projection mapping and familiar but modified Xbox-style controllers, this provides a giant video arcade experience for locations to enjoy:

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