Strada play lab at the Zaha Hadid DDP Complex

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‘GetTeleported’ 4-D Experience With Oculus Rift Technology Gives Marriott Guests Virtual Travel Experience

In its journey to explore the future of travel, Marriott Hotels is taking an unprecedented leap into virtual reality by teleporting travelers to the beaches of Hawaii and downtown London. The brand partnered with Academy Award-winning Framestore to create Marriott Hotel’s virtual travel experience, giving consumers a fully immersive, 4-D sensory experience based in Oculus Rift technology. An industry pioneer, Marriott Hotels is embracing innovative technologies to redefine the future of travel for generations to come. And now, travel enthusiasts can see, hear and feel what it’s like to be in destinations halfway across the globe and at Marriott Hotels of the future – all within its traveling teleporter coming to eight cities across the U.S. beginning today in New York.

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Millennials and the Rise of the ‘Experience Economy’

A new study shows that millennials are more likely to spend money on experiences rather than objects.

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Coming Summer 2015: Baller Beats Exergame Arcade

The new exergame arcade machine we are looking at today is one that has already gained attention in the home console space, particularly on the Xbox 360 w/ Kinect. Called Baller Beats, the designer Curtis Smith describes it as “Guitar Hero, but with a basketball!” and “an interactive teaching tool that gets kids off the couch learning real skills, for the real sport; all while playing a fun, simple, entertaining fitness solution.” Basketball is not foreign to our market – many FECs feature those large basketball shot machines with the hoops that move from side-to-side for a challenge. Here is a mock-up cabinet idea based upon the Let’s Kinect Game Gate VU cabinet however the final cabinet designs will entail “a standard version and a super deluxe version with a mini court and shot clock”. The final cabinet designs are being worked on in conjunction with Fun Company.

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Sega Develops A Real Sandcastle Building Arcade Game

Speaking of dynamic projection mapping like I mentioned in a post the other day, this actively scans what the child does with the sand and adapts to what they are building. So if they make lower elevation parts in the sand and have a bridge in-between, it fills in the lower portions with virtual fish and water and so on. It even has interactive virtual bugs which some kids would really get a kick out of. It also projects a display angled above the sand area with bright graphics.

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Airbus Patents a VR Helmet That’ll Make You Forget You’re on a Plane

In a world where economy-class seats are getting thinner and lavatories are shrinking, any flight longer than an hour can feel like a traveling prison. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is abetting the shift, but a recent patent filing shows it hasn’t forgotten about you, the passenger who actually has to sit in these miserable flying cells. It’s considering helmets that will let you forget you’re in an airplane at all.

Flying can be boring or stressful, which is why airlines provide music, movies and bad TV. The next step appears to be thoroughly immersing passengers in what they’re watching. “The helmet in which the passenger houses his/her head offers him/her sensorial isolation with regard to the external environment,” reads the patent filing.

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Drones Puy du Fou is revolutionizing the show!

Today, the Puy du Fou , the second park in France, in partnership with Koert Vermeulen and Act Lighting Design, takes his competitors speed in battle drones and has an artistic revolution by allowing the sky to become a scene from whole through Neopters.Ces drones are the first fleet of aircraft in the world capable of simultaneously flying outdoors, to synchronize independently with music, video and light and the players to run a giant choreography through embedded intelligence .

Drone Puy du Fou Neopters the drones are a new generation, new media development intelligent and autonomous scene, adding a revolutionary new dimension to the show. Perfectly invisible in the night, they rise into the air (60 meters high) light decors, audio devices, video, light, scenic or special devices, such as pyrotechnics, in a real aerial ballet.

Drone Puy du Fou

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Holovis launches RideView for Oculus Rift

RideView is a new concept that supports the design and simulation/testing of rides, theme park master plans and site layouts. It is used to create a fully immersive, virtual reality environment that allows the user to engage with the ride experience or explore a theme park layout through a 1:1 scale model/dataset.

This means that people can explore designs as if real; walking round a theme park, riding a rollercoaster or engaging with an interactive dark ride as if they were a paying guest.

Designers and engineers can experience rides in realtime and from any seat position, with different perspectives calibrated for varying heights. Factors such as sight lines, eye points, ingress and egress around the ride envelope and load/unload issues can all be assessed and monitored easily and with increased accuracy.

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[BREAKING NEWS] NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT INC., based in Wood Dale, IL, and part of the company that created the world’s most recognized game character – PAC-MANTM - has announced it will open an up-scale restaurant and entertainment venue called Level 257 ®, designed to create a seriously fun social experience.

The President and CEO of Namco Entertainment, Mr. Hitoshi Yoshida, offered, “We’re very excited to bring our new vision of out-of-home entertainment to Schaumburg with over 40,000 square feet of dining and leisure.”

Within the venue, the central restaurant will specialize in “fresh and innovative dishes prepared by chefs, all carefully curated for the local market and paired with great drinks.”

It was also announced that the venue will feature stylish cocktail lounges, an exciting modern twist on the classic game parlor, 16 boutique bowling lanes – the only lanes in Schaumburg – and entertainment spaces that include an over 300 person multi-purpose banquet and event suite, as well as state-of-the-art presentation rooms.

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IPhone 6 And iWatch Jump On Mobile Payment Bandwagon With NFC Chip And Apple Pay

IPhone 6 is Apple’s first smartphone to include an NFC chip, which will power a new digital wallet called Apple Pay. At its highly anticipated product launch here on Sept. 9, Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch, a wearable device set to launch early next year. It will also be equipped with NFC technology and work with Apple Pay, according to Apple chief Tim Cook.

Apple has partnered with Visa, Mastercard and American Express, along with issuing banks, to support its mobile payment platform. Apple Pay will be available in 220,000 U.S. merchant locations that already take NFC-enabled mobile payments. Apple has also teamed up Whole Foods, Walgreens, McDonald’s and Disney, among other retail giants, to enable shoppers to pay at their stores with a tap of their iPhones.

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