Classic Carnival Rides Are Flight Simulators in Disguise

Lee Eyerly wasn’t trying to give anyone a thrill. The inventor was trying to help people learn how to fly. The flight simulator he built at the beginning of the 1930s was a small plane that could loop, turn and roll while suspended in the prongs of a giant, Y-shaped fork.

Eyerly used it to train would-be pilots, until some clever person (it may have been a fellow aeronautic enthusiast, or a passing salesman, but no one knows for sure) suggested a different use. Why not let anyone on, for a price?

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Digital Hollywood VR DOE Session 2015

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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: The Secrets Are Revealed

Moments after we’re led into the waiting room, the lights cut out. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a hologram of Derren Brown flashes before our eyes, ranting about the meaning of fear. We’re then directed to a large warehouse-style room with a rather impressive 20-metre long Victorian-style train carriage, suspended three feet off the ground with iron chains. But all is not as it seems.


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IMAX Corporation today announced its strategy to develop a premium location-based virtual reality offering that will deliver immersive, multi-dimensional experiences, including entertainment content and games, to multiplexes, malls and other commercial destinations. Following yesterday’s IMAX Google VR camera announcement, IMAX has expanded its initiative to include a joint venture agreement with Starbreeze AB, a Swedish-based independent creator, publisher and distributor of high-quality VR entertainment content and hardware.

Under the agreement, IMAX will create a premium VR experience that will leverage Starbreeze’s unique StarVR ® headset technology, which provides a 210-degree full peripheral field of view – double that of any other VR headset currently available – to offer a truly immersive VR experience that is worthy of the IMAX ® brand. As part of the partnership, Starbreeze’s existing library of VR entertainment content and games will be made available to consumers as well as the premium content resulting from the IMAX Google VR camera.

IMAX to give us a ‘VR experience’

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College Students Turned Go-Karts Into Mario Kart With Real-Life Power-Ups

It’s called Junkyard Battle Racers. Undergrad engineering students Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover managed to use what they’d learned in their mechatronics class to create a pair of interactive go-karts that turn racing into more than just a test of their driving skills.

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Acer joins work on high-end VR headset for theme parks

The companies say that StarVR will be used by “the professional- and location-based entertainment market,” which means they expect to see these outside the home. Virtual-reality theme parks are already becoming a reality; and Acer and Starbreeze seemingly hope to tap into that market by offering a far more immersive VR experience than what you’d find at home.

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Something to make you feel old!

THE VOID Announces First Public Installation “Ghostbusters: Dimension”

Today THE VOID announced their cooperation with Sony Pictures on “Ghostbusters: Dimension,” a Hyper-Reality experience that will open July 2016 at Madame Tussauds New York. This marks THE VOID’s very first experience to open to the public.

“We all had the same goal – to create the most authentic “Ghostbusters” experience possible. We’re using the same sounds, 3D models, and textures from the film to recreate a world where you’ll struggle to capture ghosts and cause an unbelievable amount of damage,” said Curtis Hickman, President of VOID Studios.

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Experience event! VR or activity will save the Game Center “VR ZONE Project i Can”?

Virtual reality (below VR) activities facility on April 15, “VR ZONE Project i Can” was opening of the park . In amusement facilities that Namco and Bandai Namco entertainment operated for a limited period, in order to experience, experience is must be booked in advance from the net.

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Bringing esports to a Las Vegas casino

The global esports market is rapidly expanding; market researcher Newzoo (via VentureBeat) expects it to grow by 43 percent in 2016 from $325 million to $463 million. By 2019, Newzoo predicts esports will be a billion dollar industry, and as it continues to grow in popularity and viewership, this so-called “esports tourism” may be a prime market for a city like Las Vegas.

Sin City has the infrastructure in place to support large-scale gaming events like Evo and The International. There’s even talk that Beijing-based company Ourgame International Holdings Ltd. wants to build a dedicated esports arena on the Las Vegas Strip, according to Vegas Inc.

Downtown Grand

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