MediaMation, Inc. Unveils Two Next-Generation Products at IAAPA 2014

“Game-Changing” Virtual Reality 4D Interactive Prototype Utilizing Oculus Rift
Patent-Pending MX4D Seat Arm Rest Option for Enhanced Effects and Overall Cost Savings

Industry-leading interactive technology house MediaMation, Inc. (MMI) of Torrance, CA debuts two major innovations at IAAPA 2014 which have the potential to “shake up” the motion EFX theater industry and boost the bottom line for attractions across the globe. The first, a Virtual Reality 4D interactive prototype, is believed to be the first gaming system of its kind to integrate MediaMation’s 4D Motion EFX seats with the widely heralded Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Technology and an interactive gaming controller. The second innovation – a patent-pending arm rest option for MMI’s 4D Motion EFX seats – is designed to enhance the patron experience while resulting in an overall cost savings to operators for theater installation and maintenance.

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The Immersive Frontier: New Book Predicts Bright Future For Out-Of-Home Entertainment

While there is no shortage of books written about coin-op entertainment, precious few are written from a professional’s perspective. With the release of The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier (ISBN 9781472426956, Gower Publishing, 216pp.), authors Kevin Williams and Michael Mascioni admirably fill that void. Spoiler alert: the future looks impressively profitable, but very, very different.

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BREAKING IAAPA’14 NEWS – Dome Ride Theater experience with the Oculus Rift VR Kit

Intamin Amusement Rides will exhibit at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando 2014. At their booth #3824 visitors have the chance to explore the Dome Ride Theater experience by wearing the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality glasses. With this tool, visitors get a first virtual preview of the Dome Ride Theater attraction.

Attraktion! and Intamin Amusement Rides warmly invite all exhibition visitors to come over, try out the virtual experience and have a nice talk to one of our colleagues. If you would like to set up a meeting at the show, please get in touch with us by using our contact email button on the website’s right corner below.

Dome Ride Theater experience with the Oculus Rift VR Kit

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BREAKING IAAPA’14 NEWS – Have You Ever Walked Into an Augmented Reality Foto Booth?

The release of Kinect 2 three months ago gave Foto Master, a leading digital interactive entertainment technology manufacturer, the tools it needed to create an exciting new product.

Boaz Telem and Ron Malkin, the founders of Foto Master are the first to develop a product that uses the Kinect 2 technology called Augmented Reality Foto Booth – A photo booth that takes social mingling and party favors creation up a notch.

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BREAKING IAAPA’14 NEWS – Cruden to Unveil New Powerboat Simulator

Cruden, the professional motion simulation company, is to unveil its new fully integrated powerboat simulator at IAAPA this year. The Cruden Powerboat 5CTR is an interactive experience for up to five people – two “crew” at the front control the helm, throttle, trim and navigation whilst the remaining three participate in the action from the back seats. There is also an option to have two or more boats racing against each other.

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BREAKING IAAPA’14 NEWS – Triotech Trails New Experience

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ALES UK at IAAPA: Tony Whittaker on Showcasing and Supporting UK Suppliers

ALES UK (Amusement & Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the United Kingdom), represents sixty UK companies supplying services and products to theme parks, zoos and aquariums, water parks, visitor attractions, Family Entertainment Centres, Play Centres, farm attractions and holiday parks.

A key strategic initiative will be to increase the profile of the Association and to this end, between the 18th to the 21st of November, ALES UK will have its first booth in the First Time Exhibitor Pavillion at the upcoming IAAPA show in Orlando.

ales uk logo

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Arcade Heroes – “Coming Soon” Video

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IMMERSED – New Canadian Conference (DNA Discount)

The Stinger Report can reveal a brand new event in support of this sector. Called IMMERSED, the conference and exhibition will take place in Toronto, Canada on the 23-24 of November 2014; created at giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the tools and resources they need to build their businesses in the sectors of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Gesture technology, Stereoscopic 3D and much more. The Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA) has been invited to give a far reaching presentation at this inaugural event – entitled “The Wild World of Immersive Entertainment“.

In support of IMMERSED – the organizers have partnered with the DNA Association to offer our readers and their members a discount rate – those interested in registering should use the discount code “DNAimmersed“, (taking $100 off the registration price). More information can be found here: IMMERSED (or follow the link in the advert slot).


BREAKING IAAPA’14 NEWS – GamesURide™ mixes the best of interactive rides and games!

Step right up and try your hand at Skyline Attractions’ new GamesURide! GamesURide are the first truly interactive ride-game experiences, allowing you to become a part of your favorite midway games!

Recently-formed Skyline Attractions announced today Strike-U-Up, the first of many GamesURide. Grab a friend and race skyward against as many as seven other teams in the bouncy fun of Strike-U-Up! Test your skills… Strike the target that will send your friend bouncing to the top of the 20-foot tower. Reach the top first to win the game, then switch with your friend and do it again!

Skyline previewed the Strike-U-Up concept with many industry insiders, and the team has been overwhelmed by the positive response. They said, “We knew we were onto something really big with the GamesURide idea, but the feedback we’ve been getting is beyond what we anticipated. Some people have even commented that this is the next big thing to hit the industry.”

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