Artist Transforms Paris Church Into Interactive Laser Attraction

Artist Filipe Vilas-Boas has turned the magnificent Gothic church of Saint-Eustache in Paris into an interactive venue. The installation, called Shooting Thoughts, uses lasers and projection mapping to interact with text messages sent inside the church. Messages appear as light on the interior pillars of the church and travel upward to complete their journey as stars on the ceiling.

Commissioned by the Creator Project, the new out-of-home attraction has garnered worldwide attention and debate. Critics say that such entertainment has no place in a church. Shooting Thoughts supporters say it’s art.

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Family entertainment centers offer opportunity for brokers

When the 2008 financial crisis sent the economy south, family entertainment expenses followed. But recent trends suggest that families are ready to start indulging in some of life’s lighter pleasures.

However, family entertainment looks a bit different this side of the Great Recession. Entertainment spending is still modest and many families are opting for the ‘staycation’—often in the form of the local, low-cost entertainment of family entertainment centers, or FECs.

FECs boast a wide range of activities in one place for one price, alluring to consumers both in terms of their proximity and affordable entry fees. Access to go-karts, miniature golf, bowling lanes, trampolines and zip lines obviously make for major liabilities and insurance placement challenges.

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Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019

DFC Intelligence is revising its global forecast because consoles are “losing their second tier audience”

Earlier this year, research firm DFC Intelligence predicted that the worldwide game software market would reach $100 billion by 2018. This week, however, DFC revealed to that it’s now revising that forecast thanks to trends in the console space. While total software revenues (online plus retail) will still come close to $100 billion in 2018 (hitting $97.9 billion) it won’t be until 2019 that the industry eclipses the mark with $102.7 billion in sales.

Console declines delay $100 billion mark for industry to 2019 - DFC

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Blow Gamers with Real Toys in Virtual Gaming World Using NFC RFID

Today, gaming is not the stereotype of Kids or teenager loner while it has become an integral part of family entertainment. Gaming market is estimated to reach 14.4 billion by 2017 globally. Ubiquitous users demand for vibrant game that gives an extra edge to the gaming business.

Extensive use of mobile has stimulated mobile gaming. Every year, this business is accelerating by 35 percent. While, packaged computer game and consoles woes are deepening, so in order to upturn, big techs are using NFC and RFID technology to bring new life to the game, encourage the curiosity and protect their revenue base.

NFC and RFID Technology

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Next Up In Arcades From Sega: Showdown

As we approach the IAAPA trade show, it is normal for details of new arcade games to leak out beforehand since they tend to be out there on location test. I have heard rumblings that Sega had a new driver game in the works but what it was exactly I could only guess as that description of being a driver is a broad one.

Today thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report, we have the first pictures of that game which Kevin came across while visiting “a local Sega arcade”.  The title: Showdown.


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DNA Chairman To Speak at Immersed

The Chairman of the DNA Association and founder of KWP is to be one of the leading speakers at Toronto’s Immersed (taking place on November the 23 and 24, 2014 – Toronto, Ontario). Other speakers include luminaries for the AR and VR sector including the head of ImmersiON-VRelia and Creative Director at Lucasfilm.

Immersed is about giving content makers, technology innovators, and professionals the tools and resources they need to build their businesses and excel in their career. These tools and resources include development expertise, media exposure, access to the investment community, and public excitement for the vibrant immersive future we are headed towards.

Immersed is designed to meet these critical needs with the vision and ability to make this industry happen. Areas of interest include virtual reality, augmented reality, stereoscopic 3D, gesture technology and more!


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Next generation of theme park attractions pairs coasters and dark rides

Ride makers have finally figured out how to combine two theme park staples that rarely go together: roller coasters and dark rides.

A host of new combo attractions mashing up roller coaster thrills and dark ride storytelling opened this summer in the United States, Canada and Germany, with more iterations on the way.

Speed has always been the key issue: Hair-raising coaster drops and turns don’t mesh well with the lumbering pace of a classic dark ride. Even the slowest traditional coaster travels far too fast for riders to fully appreciate the audio tracks, special effects and animatronic figures inside a typical dark ride.

Wonder Mountain's Guardian

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Results from One-of-a-Kind Survey on National Entertainment Preferences Announced

Last month, the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group completed a national survey of over 4,000 adults on their participation in major attractions at family entertainment centers. According to the results, bowling continues to be the most popular attraction for community-based entertainment venues, with over 60 million adults having bowled at least once during the past twelve months.

Randy White, CEO, said, “As far as we know, this is the first national participation survey that has been conducted about the family entertainment center industry in the last decade.”

The survey found that bowling 18- to 24-year-olds showed the highest participation rate. Over three-quarters of participants were occasionally bowlers, having bowled four or less times during the previous past year. White added, “These results are clearly attributable to the fast changing nature of bowling.  At one time, league bowlers dominated bowling.  Today, the primary customer base is the casual social bowler.  Their numbers are growing as old run down alleys are either closing or being renovated and/or replaced by new upscale hybrid entertainment centers with multiple attractions.”

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Microsoft Research demos our potential, holodeck-style gaming future

Microsoft may be taking an official wait and see approach before following companies like Oculus and Sony down the virtual reality headset path. That isn’t stopping the company’s research arm from looking into interesting ways to use Kinect and projector technology to create holodeck-style augmented reality experiences in the living room, though.

Microsoft Research has prepared a number of interesting demos and papers on these lines for the Association for Computing Machinery’s User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, showing off just how far those efforts have come and how they could lead to interesting new forms of gaming in the future.

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Bandai Namco’s NYCC Unveiling Event – Star Wars Arcade

Today at the New York Comic Con, Bandai Namco Amusements will hold a special announcement event that we had discussed previously, starting at 2PM EST. There were rumors and rumblings that something big was coming along this year, which had me guessing – some hints had me thinking it was Time Crisis 5(which is also in the works but was not the big project I was thinking of).

As unveiled a short time ago, the big game is Star Wars. Check back with this post for updates throughout the day as I receive them. Newest updates will be posted at the beginning. I was invited to the event in NYC but I could not make the trip. However, I will be at IAAPA 2014, where the game is expected to be the primary focus of Bandai Namco’s booth this year so I can share some hands-on impressions about it and more.

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