Atari Co-Founder Nolan Bushnell: “The Public VR Market is Going to Explode”

Last week I had the great privilege to see industry legend, Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s co-founder Nolan Bushnell talk at the 2016 NXNE Future Land Interactive Conference in Toronto. Bushnell was at the event thanks to AMD (whom he credited with saving Atari with a line-of-credit extension) to talk about his storied past in the interactive entertainment industry as well as its present state and where the future may take us.

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FEU Hosts Successful 38th Class

Foundations Entertainment University wrapped up its 38th session last week (June 14-16) in Chicago at the Double Tree Hotel. Forty-two attended the event, with 13 sponsors, six presenters and the rest a diverse group of attendees who came from eight U.S. states, Trinidad, India, the U.K. and China.
Organizers said attendees came from across the spectrum of business in the amusement industry: some owned FECs, others bowling halls, laser tag arenas and arcades, plus game operators and more. AAMA’s Tina Schwartz attended as a special guest.

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Virtual Reality in This Tokyo Amusement Park Is a Win-Win for Thrill-Seekers

Starting next month, virtual reality enthusiasts can enjoy Sega Live Creation’s new VR experience, dubbed **Project I Can. In this warehouse-size space at the Tokyo Joypolis—an amusement park that features an indoor roller coaster, 3-D movies, and a haunted house, among other attractions—gamers wear Free-Roam Virtual Reality (FRVR) gear while playing multiuser games.
[**Note – we think they may have got the name mixed up with Bandai project]

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Vidcast: Interview with Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report & DNA Association

Long time readers of the site are familiar with The Stinger Report, a long-running amusement / out-of-home entertainment industry newsletter and the earliest of outside contributors to Arcade Heroes. That newsletter was founded in 1994 by veteran Kevin Williams and it has continued to this day in providing incredibly detailed reports on what really is going on behind the scenes of the business.

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What Star Wars Could Look Like Running on Magic Leap

This is a quick demonstration video released by ILMxLab and Magic Leap to mark the announcement of the two company’s newly announced collaboration. They’ve set up a “collaboration lab” in order to work on immersive experiences using Lucasfilm IP and driven by Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology

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Cedar Point unveils online game for guests to play while waiting in line, virtual reality tested on Iron Dragon too

Waiting in a long line for a popular ride can be a real bummer, so Cedar Point is looking to a virtual world to help its guests pass the time.

The park is now offering an online game “The Battle for Cedar Point” within its mobile app that pits guests against one another. The free game was developed by UK-based Holovis.


Australia’s Zero Latency, virtual zombies head to Japan

A Melbourne-based startup, which has developed an innovative way of allowing gamers to wander freely in a virtual world to fight zombies, has signed a potentially lucrative deal to open up venues in Sega’s Japanese amusement parks.

The deal, Zero Latency’s first foray outside Australia, will have Sega Live Creation opening a permanent warehouse-sized virtual reality centre in Tokyo, where customers will be able to don VR headsets powered by Zero Latency’s technology and run around shooting zombies.

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DNA Founder Interviewed by MTBS3D

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Interactive Coffee Experience

Using a specially designed coffee coaster as the catalyst for accessing information, a visitor can explore each of the reserve coffees being poured that day, from tasting notes to origin details. Displayed on an Ideum Platform 55” UHD multitouch table, with 3M™ projected-capacitive touch technology and the ability to recognize tangible objects, the traceability interactive reveals the origin of a coffee down to the farmer who picked it. By exploring maps, imagery, video, and coffee details of a particular reserve coffee visitors gain a greater appreciation for the source of the brew and the work done to get that coffee into their cup.

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D-BOX and The Virtual Reality Company Partnering on New VR Experiences

Accompanying the release of The Martian starring Matt Damon was virtual reality (VR) project The Martian VR Experience. Created by D-BOX, The Virtual Reality Company and The Third Floor, it put viewers into the shoes of Damon’s character he struggled to survive on Mars. Today D-BOX has announced it’ll be resuming its partnership with The Virtual Reality Company for several upcoming VR projects.

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