Sega plans new indoor theme parks as part of global expansion

With Sonic the Hedgehog reportedly set to make his way onto the silver screen, Sega Sammy boss Hajime Satomi has said that’s only the start for the entertainment as it looks to expand outside of the gaming market with new ventures including indoor theme parks.

As Sonic and Sega explore opportunities beyond the gaming world for new sources of revenue, Satomi revealed that a planned Sonic movie will be a hybrid of live-action and animation, with the company enhancing its focus on the world of entertainment.

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Digital Edutainment Facility MOSH! Opens

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s first digital edutainment facility MOSH! opened in Sentosa on Thursday (Feb 4), and features multimedia technology that will allow guests to create imaginary worlds of their own. 

Located at the Sentosa Family Entertainment Centre, MOSH! houses five technological attractions divided into themes – Space: Fireworks Party; Air: Paper Plane Adventure; Land: Hide-and-Seek Table; Sea: Doodle Aquarium; and Fantasy: World of Wonder. The facility can accommodate up to 250 people at any given time.

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Augmented Reality Climbing Looks Like So Much Damn Fun

I love climbing arguably more than breathing, but when you’re stuck in the same gym with the same routes all day long, it can get just the teensiest bit boring. This augmented reality climbing game seems like the perfect antidote.

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No room for a home Holodeck? That’s why VR will bring arcades back

You might rightly question why you should leave the house and “pay to play” when you can already walk home with a VR headset for $100. But the whole story is a lot more complex.

VR isn’t just suitable for arcades, it’s perfect for it in ways you may not have realized, and uniquely situated to revive these long-dead play places. Here’s why.

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Thea-winning Geppetto technology set to revolutionise digital puppetry

Live shows featuring state-of-the-art digital puppetry could become more prevalent, thanks to a revolutionary live animation control system from creative production firm Super 78.

The company has won this year’s industry-leading Thea award for its Geppetto Animation Control System (ACS) technology, which is used in the Spongebob Subpants Adventure at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, and is set to bring modern-day puppetry to life at more parks in the near future.

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Sublimotion – Food Meets 3D!

Sublimotion 2015 from Sublimotion on Vimeo.


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CES Participants Take a Wild, 360-Degree Ride at Samsung’s Gear VR Theater with 4D

CES 2016 is in full swing and there’s plenty to see and do at Samsung Electronics’ booth. Among the show’s areas of interest is the Samsung Galaxy Studio’s Gear VR Theater with 4D —a spot so popular, in fact, that there was already an exceptionally long line of eager attendees waiting to check it out when it opened this morning. So far, even it’s the first day of show, there have been about 10,000 visitors at the Galaxy Studio, with around 2,000 participating in the activity.

Samsung Galaxy Studio_Gear VR Theater with 4d_3

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World’s Only Motion-Based “Pacific Rim 5-D” Experience to Open in January 2016

From acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi action adventure “Pacific Rim” is now a pulse-pounding new 5D ride experience at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Presented in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Iwerks 5D Theater, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, “Pacific Rim 5-D” opens with special limited sneak previews in January, with an official opening in the coming weeks.

Loaded with suspense, action and monstrous creatures, “Pacific Rim 5-D” pairs the explosive special effects from the popular action-based science fiction film with a thrilling new ride simulation experience. The result is the world’s only motion-based “Pacific Rim“-themed ride attraction and the very first version of this film to be adapted as a ride in the U.S.

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World’s first robotic entertainment on the high seas for Royal Caribbean International

With the Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship, the well-known cruise line operator wanted to do something truly groundbreaking: create a cruise ship environment that was not only fun, but one that could also compete with the best that entertainment meccas like Las Vegas have to offer. And after the ship’s official unveiling and inauguration this past November, it is clear the company has succeeded.

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First VR E-sport event held in Shanghai

On the last hours of the year [2015] Criffin’s CEO opened the first VR eSports tournament in human history with some of the most influential gaming and theme parks CEO-s in China!

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