Digital immersive exercise

Equinox’s new revved-up cycle class speaks to a growing exercise trend—digital immersion. This month the gym brand unveiled Pursuit, an immersive cycling concept, to limited U.S. gyms. Equinox describes the program as “an immersive studio cycling experience that uses groundbreaking gaming and data visualization to drive competition and inspire peak performance.”

The goal of the class is to travel a collective distance. Each bicycle is connected and data is pooled—while also being instantly translated into a visualization in the room. “Step into a darkened studio, fire up your bike and push yourself to work harder than you ever thought possible. In the glow of the giant projection screens and to the beat of incredible music, you’ll push yourself and your teammates as you compete and connect to the communal power of the room around you.”

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Not your grandma’s bowling alley: Main Event Entertainment offers games, challenge course, arcade, more

Want to be part of the fun this weekend? Go to Main Event Entertainment, a family entertainment center.

“Main Event Entertainment is all about fun. It’s a place that encompasses fun in a lot of different ways,” said Sean Arnold, sales manager of Main Event Entertainment.

The two-level, 61,000-square-foot facility offers the ultimate in fun such as state-of-the-art bowling, multi-level laser tag, gravity ropes challenge course, an arcade with more than 150 games, stylish billiards, full bars and two dining experiences featuring a fast, casual walk up café or a traditional American restaurant with dining room and service staff. High-energy music and numerous TVs add to the experience.

The ropes course at Main Event Entertainment in Atlanta. Main Event Entertainment, a family entertainment center, is at 3101 Cobb Parkway SE, Suite 104, Atlanta.

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Leveling up the barcade: A visit to Chicago’s Pac-Man themed Level 257

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It’s the driving force behind the continued existence of ‘50s radio stations, drive-ins, and other monuments to Baby Boomers. But as Gen Xers like me find ourselves locking eyes with the unblinking gaze of middle age, nostalgia has an ever-growing hold on us as well.

While we didn’t play all 400 games, we saw everything there was to see.
Some of that I could live without—I’d rather not hear Human League’s “(Keep Feeling) Fascination” while I’m grocery shopping. But nostalgia does have one upside: the revival of the arcade. I spent much of the early ‘80s dropping quarter after quarter into the likes of Gorf, Crazy Climber, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Moon Cresta, and many others. And today in the mid-2010s of Chicagoland, I can revisit my misspent youth by dropping by Wicker Park barcade Emporium or Brookfield’s massive Galloping Ghost Arcade. And now there’s a third arcade-themed destination around these parts: Namco’s Level 257.

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4D Maker MediaMation Cracks Japan, Partners With Sony Business Solutions

MediaMation, a maker of 4D technology, is partnering with Sony Business Solutions Corporation to try to hook Japan on movie theaters that buck, spray and mist along with the onscreen action.

The company has already brought these immersive theaters to Oxnard, Calif. and countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Oman, but it sees a big opportunity in Japan, the third largest market for film, and has tapped Sony to be their exclusive distributors in the country.

Their first installation will open this April at a branch of Toho Cinemas in Fujimi, with two more theaters set to open in Roppongi Hills and Shinjuku. Toho is Japan’s largest theater chain.

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New 4D ‘Lego Movie’ Short Film Will Debut at Legoland

The Lego Movie will be followed by several big screen sequels and spin-offs. The direct sequel just landed a director and will be out in 2018. A Ninjago spin-off will come out in 2016 and the Lego Batman spin-off will be out in 2017. But we now know that’s not all. We’re going to get a sort-of sequel later this year. Just not on the big screen.

LEGO has announced later this year, their LEGOLAND theme parks and Discover Centers will debut a brand new 4D short film based on The Lego Movie, featuring Emmet and Wyldstyle. Read more about the new LEGOLAND Lego Movie ride below.

legoland lego movie ride

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OES Collaborates on Suspended Theater Immersive Ride System

There is a groundbreaking new product available to storytellers in the themed entertainment industry that delivers a unique sense of flight in a whole new way. Suspended Theater glides through experiences elegantly and quietly by utilizing three degrees of freedom.

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Shining a Light on Dark Rides

It starts with a height test. If you can’t pass it, you’re forced to slink away as others glide gleefully past. When you’re finally tall enough, you walk proudly past the measurements and take your place in an exceptionally long line. You then wait for what feels like a lifetime, twisting and turning through a crowded, dimly lit series of rooms. Your prize: an experience guaranteed to last no more than a few minutes. Most of us wouldn’t subject ourselves to such a thing if it weren’t housed in a theme park; but when it’s a well-crafted dark ride, the slog is more than worth it.

Dark rides are a special breed of attraction that represent the pinnacle of fantasy immersion. Although they are short-lived, they have the power to make a deep and lasting impression. For many of us, going on dark rides is a childhood rite of passage, like passport stamps in a book of memories that we look back on for years to come.

Men in Black Alien Attack ride at Universal Studios Florida

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USA Network bringing escape room to guests at Universal Orlando for limited time

Escape room attractions have been been more and more popular recently, and Universal is set to welcome one for a short time based on the new show “DIG”.

USA Network and the “Escape The Room” attraction have partnered to create an experience themed around the network’s mystery event series, “DIG”, premiering March 5, 2015. From March 3 to 8, “DIG: Escape the Room” will challenge game enthusiasts to work together in small groups and escape from a locked room by solving riddles, cracking codes and analyzing artifacts before time runs out. To win, they must think outside the box, or else remain trapped inside it.

“DIG: Escape The Room” will be available in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, and will be a special event experience at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Tago arc: a smart bracelet that doesn’t need a battery

Welcome to the future, where wrists aren’t adorned with sloganized silicone bands or rainbow-colored, loom-woven bracelets. They’ll be showing off custom designs that you can change on the fly with a single tap from your smartphone.

This is the tago arc, a bracelet with a wraparound E Ink display that recently hit Indiegogo in search of crowdfunding. Unlike all the smartwatches and fitness trackers you’ve been reading about day in and day out, the arc has no internal battery and it never needs charging. Ever. Yet it continually displays a customizable image on the band.

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‘Practical Virtual Reality for Disney Themeparks‘ – GDC 2015 Presentation

The ‘Creative Technologies’ leader at Walt Disney Imagineering, will be holding a talk on March 5th at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) and revealing VR strategies learned by the R&D arm of Disney over the past 20 years of its existence.

The talk is called ‘Practical Virtual Reality for Disney Themeparks‘ and will discuss game design principles and practical applications of VR headsets, but will also present valuable technical insight into some well-trodden ground for Disney’s Imagineering group: the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), a platform that displays a projected 3D image on an enclosed space that can offer virtual experiences to one or more people at a time.

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