The Multimedia Dome: Look, Listen and be Amazed

Making its first public appearance at the IFA international consumer electronics fair in Berlin, the Multimedia Dome is the first digital dome theater to feature natural spatial sound: it envelops visitors in fascinating universe of video pictures and sound. Developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology FIRST and the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT, the Multimedia Dome can be admired at the Science and Technology Forum TWF (Berlin, Germany).

In the cinema of the future, instead of being confined to a screen at the front of the theater, the action will unfold on a semicircular surface that wraps itself around the auditorium like a dome, giving the audience the sensation of being completely immersed in the action. The present systems used to screen films or multimedia shows on the curved walls of a planetarium, for instance, still involve a great deal of preparatory work: The videos have to be recomputed for showing at each new venue.

The Multimedia Dome

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FEU concludes Class #36

Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) hosted Class 36 in Chicago July 14-16. Attendees came from Australia, Canada, and seven U.S. states. They represented all types of entertainment facilities and were interested in a wide range of attractions including bowling, laser tag, children’s activities, indoor go-karts, indoor/outdoor mini parks, trampoline parks, and more. FEU now has over 1,000 graduates currently operating more than 200 facilities. According to FEU officials, “In the last 12 years, FEU has played a role in helping to bring more than 100 million new dollars to industry suppliers.”

The program was expanded to include 12 additional half-hour breakout sessions presented two at a time, a change that was well received. It was non-stop information and presenters were kept busy. Presenters included Co-Regents Frank Seninsky of Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM) and Randy White of White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group, with Jerry Merola of AEM, Peter Olesen of Entertainment Concepts, Frank Price of Birthday University, and Kevin Williams of KWP Ltd.

Attendee Robert Boyle of Bartow, Fla., said, “Foundations exceeded my expectations by providing timely information that is relevant to budding entrepreneurs and industry professionals alike.” Jeffrey Majdoch of Lightspeed Go-Karts & Laser Tag said, “This has been an eye-opening experience. What a great seminar program that teaches how to go from good to great.” Mary Lavine of Bullseye Games said, “The all-star lineup of presenters offered such an in-depth program on all aspects of entertainment. This knowledge will help me grow my business.”

The group visited the new Level 257 entertainment center developed by Namco Entertainment, as well as Adventure Realm, a 25,000-square-foot laser tag/MagiQuest facility. Sponsors included Amusement Products, Betson Enterprises, Center Edge Software, Creative Works, Embed, Party Center Software, Sureshot Redemption, U.S. Bowling, and Zone Laser Tag. Play Meter was a media sponsor. The next FEU is scheduled for Oct. 13-15 in Dallas. [Pictured: FEU]

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Yumble opts for bankruptcy and hopes to restart

Through a press release announced the management of indoor family park Yumble that they have filed for bankruptcy in the park. Poor attendance made ​​a financial bridge necessary. The current shareholders and a newly recruited party seemed willing, but at the last minute one party turned out to forgo the provision of additional growth capital that Yumble must stop.

Yumble blames the disappointing attendance mainly to the delayed construction of the adjacent Designer Outlet Roermond (DOR). The initiators believe unabated in the power of the concept and hope to be appointed in consultation with a receiver by the court to come to a restart. The staff are this morning informed.

Visit Asteroids

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Dave & Buster’s Debuts VR Shooter Game System

Visiting a Dave & Buster’s today brings you smack in the middle of classic arcade games and new modern additions like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja. In one California location, D&B is taking an even bigger leap into the future of restaurant arcade game experiences with the addition of its first wireless VR system by VRcade.

Dave and Buster’s, which operates over 73 locations in the United States and Canada, approached Seattle-based VRcade, the entertainment and gaming division of VRstudios, to help develop a retail VR gaming experience that would engage guests and evoke a more emotional response from participants.

Launched last month in a Milipitas, California location, the VRcade system sits in a roped off area of the D&B restaurant arcade floor. The entire system utilizes a wireless head mounted display, a wireless VR pistol, and customized optical tracking technology to achieve full control while eliminating simulation sickness.







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Simworx announces acquisition of RoboCoaster

Dynamic simulation attractions maker Simworx said it has acquired RoboCoaster, a UK-based robotic attractions specialist, after receiving £4.5m (US$7m, €6.5m) in investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF).

“I am delighted to formalise our working relationship with RoboCoaster who have access to some amazing technology” said Terry Monkton, Simworx managing director. The two companies have been working in partnership for the past two years.

Simworx and RoboCoaster plan to together focus on the design and manufacture of a next generation of dark ride and robotic attractions, adding to their existing portfolios.

This includes, for Simworx, Angry Birds 4D at Thorpe Park in the UK and a dinosaur-themed immersive tunnel at Movie Park in Germany. Most recently, Simworx built the bus-themed motion simulator central to Merlin Entertainment’s newly opened Shrek attraction in London.

RoboCoaster will continue to develop intellectual property (IP)  for  use  in  passenger -carrying robotic technology  and  trackless  dark  rides. Managing director Gino DeGol will retain his position.

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A trip to another (virtual) world…

AS a sci-fi film buff, I thought I knew the score when it came to virtual reality: namely, don’t trust it.

After all, if the likes of Inception, The Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic have taught me anything, it’s that virtual reality results in the dangerous blurring of realities and lots of bad acting from Keanu Reeves.

So I was rather apprehensive as I arrived at Vizuality Studio’s temporary headquarters in St Peter; more so in light of the company’s mad scientist-like claim that ‘If you can think it, we can create it’, a line that had me suppressing the urge to bellow: ‘You’re meddling with powers you can’t possibly comprehend.’

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EyePlay – Enjoyment is Guaranteed!

Betson Enterprises, the world wide distributor of coin operated amusement, vending equipment, coin operated parts and service announced today that they now offer EyePlay from EyeClick a revolutionary type of interactive projection video entertainment system.

What is EyePlay and why do children and parents love it? EyePlay projects interactive images and games onto floors and walls for kids. The EyePlay games are extremely intuitive and easy to play, so children (2+) can enjoy them.

Players can run, jump, twist and dance, using their hands and feet to set sounds and projected graphics in motion. EyePlay is like having a full playground inside your facility, but it’s easier and safer to maintain.

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VRcade Releases World’s First Wireless Virtual Reality System at Dave & Buster’s

VRstudios announced today that its entertainment and gaming division, VRcade, has launched the world’s first wireless, full-motion virtual reality system at Dave & Buster’s flagship location in Milpitas, CA.

The VRcade system utilizes a proprietary, hygienic, wireless head mounted display, a wireless VR pistol, and customized optical tracking technology to achieve perfect 1:1 control while eliminating simulation sickness. The new system allows anyone to step into a wide variety of experiences, from interactive films, games, and reality-bending scenarios, without the hindrance of cords, massive up-front costs, or complicated controllers.

The VRcade system employs several key technology differentiators when compared to in-home virtual reality.

● Unlike wired alternatives, the wireless HMD allows for effortless freedom in VR as well as simultaneous multiplayer possibilities.

● Customized optical tracking technology enables users to experience low latency, sub-millimeter accuracy, across large spaces.

● New software and hardware can be deployed and integrated regularly, ensuring a consistent supply of new virtual reality content over time from VRcade and a variety of third-party developers.


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TouchTunes Joins Digital Place-Based Advertising Association

The Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA) recently announced that TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment network in North America, has become the latest addition to the trade organization’s membership ranks. TouchTunes’ advertising division, Attract Media, is a digital out-of-home activation platform that allows advertisers and publishers to connect with millennial consumers in 60,000 social venues nationwide.

Attract Media’s cross-screen ecosystem activates consumers in-venue through video and interactive display messaging delivered across a connected network of digital jukebox and TV screens, as well as a proximity enabled mobile app.

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The Future of Roller Coasters? Testing Virtual Reality Technology at Europa Park Germany

It’s always disappointing when I remember I’m an adult. It’s rare I feel entirely carefree. At the back of my mind are boring matters of tax returns and dentist appointments. During my three days at Europa Park in Germany I had the opportunity to regress… totally away from the daily grind! Not only that, but they let me loose on some brand new virtual reality technology.

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