Arcade Game Machine Buying Guide

where to buy arcade machines

Places to Buy Arcade Games:

It seems as though arcades are becoming a thing of the past. This is because there are so many game systems to choose from, but some people enjoy the retro feel and like to reminisce about their childhood joy.

No matter if you’re interested in creating a great game room for others or want to enjoy these games yourself, it’s great to know these arcade games are not instinct. If you’re looking for ways to add a retro or new arcade games here are a few ways to find them.

where to buy arcade machines

1. eBay

It is no secret that eBay carries any and everything that you can think of. So with arcade game is nothing different. Many people are selling arcade games online through eBay. The average price for these sellers is between $350-$2000 but is considered to work just as they did when they were new. These sellers may also allow you to redeem promo codes at checkout to help you save on the costs. Since many places that hold these items are arcades they are considered to be collectibles, hence the higher price tag.

There are a large variety of arcade games that will ship directly to your home. Many times these items do not have a shipping fee and will be shipped to your home within a few days depending on your location.

2. Target And/Or Walmart

Another place they may pique your interest when searching for arcade games are at Target and Walmart. Although the selections are quite limited they are fairly cheaper than eBay and average between $300-$650. Another important fact is that many times these stores do not have the machines in stock and will more than likely need to be purchased online. It is best to read the specs and descriptions so that you will receive the full-sized machine instead of a tabletop or handheld arcade machine.

3. Game Room Guys

game room guys - arcade machines

The last place that might help you to find a good arcade machine is online sellers like game room guys. They are a legit company that focuses on selling all things game rooms. Their list of items are extended, but they have a large variety of arcade machines. They offer free curb-side shipping and free returns if you happen to need to replace your order. Since this site is tailored for game rooms there machines are quite higher than the other two and averages between $2000- $15,000. These games are for high usage and do not require much maintenance.

New Arcade Games to Look For:

If you are looking to find newer games to play, you are in luck. In this year alone five games are going to be released. These games are in different genres which will help people who are interested in a variety. The five new arcade games include:
Enter The Gungeon: House Of The Gundead – this game is the second installment of a game unveiled in 2019. It is a two-player hybrid shooting game. Players have to travel through different level shooting their way through the course and beating the cult Gunhead.
Pong Knockout – This is a fun spin-off to the retro Pong table. It’s a four-player game that starts all the players out with five points. The player who keeps their points the longest wins. To stay in the game, you have to avoid allowing the ball to hit the danger spots on the table.
Crazy Ride – This is a game that is a spin-off to crazy taxi. You can become a driver in the same way as a ride-sharing company such as Uber and lift. This is an online competition between 8 online players at a time.
Mission: Impossible Arcade- This game is based on the long-running spy movie Mission Impossible. This is a two versus two games that have three missions which all have three levels each. It is another shooting game that allows each player to play their commands.
Gimmick Exact Mix – this is a total remake of a gimmick and has the same concept. The only thing that will be different about this game is the display which will be quite clear and up to date.

Shipping Worries:

Someone may wonder how will these machines be shipped and are there any disadvantages to buying online? If you are wondering if there are any restrictions the answer is no. When buying online there are no restrictions for shipping. If your item is over 70 lbs, then your machine will be considered freight and will be shipped on a freight carrier. The machine will be placed on a pallet for safe shipping. There are a few shippers that will contact you for the best time for delivery but if they can not reach you, then they will place your item in a driveway or by your door. They are not obligated to place items in specific places so it is best to make sure you are available at the time that your shipment will be delivered.

There are no added fees to ship arcade machines. Which means that the only shipping fees that you have to pay are the fees directly on the site you are buying from. Although these items may seem too heavy they are considered to be in a similar category as furniture which comes in all weights and sizes. It is best to find a seller that will focus on getting your order to you safely. You should not be discouraged about shipping because there are not any restrictions. So you can get your games to your desired destination without worrying about shipping.