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Welcome to The DNA: Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Association

The DNA is a young, rapidly-growing association of individuals and companies developing social and networked out-of-home entertainment applications, found in amusement and theme parks, retail centers, educational institutions , and sports, fitness and leisure facilities.

The entertainment industry has seen an explosion in Social Gaming (the ability for an audience rather than an individual to enjoy the gaming experience) – but video amusement has defined the fundamentals of a social gaming experience since it exploded into the market during the 70’s.

Digital Amusement & Pay-to-Play :

While video amusement has been impacted by the rise in popularity of the consumer gaming experience,  the out-of-home,  pay-to-play experience has continued to evolve and grow – though without the publicity of its console cousins. The video amusement industry has become a recognizable representation of the pay-to-play sector; but there is a wide selection of new digital amusement platforms that go beyond the outdated perception of the classic arcade cabinet.



Digital Interactive Attractions : 

The DOE sector offers a brand new area of attractions development, using the latest interactive digital technology – but it also offers a chance for innovative application of new systems beyond the larger theme parks and is, able now to offer flexible designs. Fundamentally, the addition of interactivity means that for the first time attractions such as these can have a repeat visitation eager to play again.



“Retail-tainment” & Hospitality :

There is the ability to drop these socially inclusive ‘Interactive Surface’ entertainment and promotion systems into venues building on Digital Signage application. Beyond retail and entertainment venues, these systems are also appearing in visitor attractions and museums and heritage sites. The technology is also evolving to include the latest ‘Augmented Reality’ applications to turn the location where they are installed into part of the game.



Edutainment & ExcerGaming:

New ‘Interactive Visitor Attractions’ are beginning to find a home in the ‘EduTainment’ sector – initially with museum exhibits with a entertainment element, but now growing towards specialist attractions using technology from the theme park and amusement sectors to create compelling visitor attraction and heritage site experiences. Interactive attractions offering a repeat visitation element – that can also be linked to a revenue generation component.

From education to recreation and fitness, – the inclusion of “Gamification” (a game narrative into non-gaming applications) in to the fitness and sports training sectors has seen a interesting path of adoption emerging, leading from video amusement to education and now fitness training into what we call ‘ExerGaming’.


Interactive Gaming Content Development :

Along with the hardware, there is the content that drives the DOE scene. Beyond specially created and enthralling content – there is the application of consumer game console, PC and online gaming content into pay-to-play, and recently the DOE sector has seen mobile game content make the transition to the video amusement and living surface scene – with the possibility that the Casual Gaming scene could be a new provider of the next range of Out-of-Home entertainment hits.


Operating Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment :

Far beyond the technology populating the venue, – there are the aspects that drive their utilizations within a myriad number of differing facilities. Applying the right DOE system to attract each specific venues unique audience is a highly specialized skill. There is a need now for the modern operator to be aware of the diversity of interactive entertainment systems that can be installed and operated – with sites ranging from Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), Location-Based Entertainment Sites, Visitor Attractions, Theme Parks as well as Retail, Shopping Malls and the Hospitality sector – and not forgetting Museums, Heritage sites, Schools… and towards the future!

Now we are in a time of transition with the public space environment rising in popularity – fueled in part by the “Staycation” attitude of an audience wanting social entertainment closer too but outside of their homes.

The focus of the DNA Association is, for the first time, to define these amorphous groups that comprise this vibrant industry and illustrate how they all interact – but also to show what this technology actually brings to those that operates them with statistical data for members and exclusive information circulation through membership. All this supported by special conferences to be held internationally (Click ‘Conference’ Buttons for details)

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