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The DNA is the ONLY industry association dedicated to building a supportive business and commercial environment for the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment (DOE) industry.

The DNA (Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association) has been launched to provide support for leading Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment industry members, by way of annual interactive conferences and breakout sessions, crucial time-sensitive industry information and ground-breaking new trends, ideas and opportunities that occur in the newly emerging DOE Sector.

DNA Association – Roster of Members (10/01/14):


Join Now as a Founder Member

As a Founder Member, you will benefit from being at the heart of the DNA Association’s strategy and focus. You will be instrumental in shaping the Association and raising the profile of the sector to ensure that the DOE is properly recognized as a powerful and innovative force in its own right on the world stage, in connection with evolving revenue models, technology innovations, investment opportunities and support from respective government agencies.

Founder Members are considered for a Board position. There are 6 places on the DNA Association Board at launch and each is occupied by a leader within the DOE sector.

Members’ key benefits include:

  • Essential Market Research – Quarterly Market statistical data, up to now this data from trade consultancies (such as KWP, and other affiliates) was only available on a bespoke basis.
  • This important market statistical data will be made available on a quarterly basis to Corporate Members. It is essential to business planning and revenue generation.
  • Defining Market Trends – Access to reports on the key players and key trends in the market for identifying partnerships, customers, investment and project funding are available for all Members
  • We will provide dedicated research documents focused on defining structure and various areas of business.
  • Rallying Point – The opportunity to come together as a single voice to have a say in the market’s direction and purpose and be instrumental in shaping the direction and focus of initiatives and task forces and for government lobbying
Resulting in market recognition for members with trade, audience and policy makers; the DNA Association will also focus on taxation and business concessions.
  • Trade Missions – Unique opportunity to attend Trade Missions and Conferences internationally, enjoying discounted presence at leading events world-wide, along with inclusion in DNA Association booths at major industry trade shows
  • Networking – Unique invitation-only attendance at a number of compelling and informative DNA events every year bringing our members close to companies and organisations that they would otherwise find it difficult to meet with.

Valuable Discounts – Offered to attend leading industry events and trade shows, along with access to confidential industry analyst reports breaking news and industry information

  • Industry Marketing – PR dedicated to your joining as a Member and support for your DNA Association-linked initiatives
  • Social Media – Posting online opportunities for posting your company’s news (Jobs, Game Designs, and Events)
  • Accreditation & Recognition – Special expertise accreditation (identify products, people and services with experience to support members)

Who We Are

  • Our Board, responsible for shaping the direction and policy of DNA Association, is led by a Founding Chairman and 5 captains of industry from the DOE sector. There are also three steering committees (conference, future business and promotional).
  • Our Executive team, led by Director General Kevin Williams, respected member of the DOE business community.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is affiliated with the DOE sector can join. As an association, our focus is on the business and commercial interests of the evolving DOE space.

We have five categories:

(NOTE – Information on the special time limited (end-1-11-13)  ‘Founders rate’ we are offering interested operations is available (evaluation membership for 12-months at a one-time rate of $100), with the details to activate this rate – email : )


1- Full Corporate Member – businesses with revenue in excess of $10,000,000 USD or over 250 employees.

  • $1,900 Per Annum

2- Small Corporate Member – businesses or growing corporations with revenue less than $10,000,000 or less than 250 employees.

  • $850 Per Annum

3- Affiliate Members – category allowing service companies to offer services to members at a discounted rate, including media and marketing service providers –

  • $650 Per Annum

4- Individual Member – single person membership.

  • $350 Per Annum

5- Student Member – for those attending college or trade schools that are interested in a career in the DOE sector; Valid Student ID required for membership –

  • $85 -Per Annum

*Note – Certain members of partner trade associations will receive a membership discounts – a list of supported associations can be found on our website

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For more information contact Association Secretariat:
By phone (UK) : + 44(0)7788 191252+ 44(0)7788 191252 or + 44 (0) 845 838 1989+ 44 (0) 845 838 1989 or by email:
By phone (US) : + 1 (212) 688-4781+ 1 (212) 688-4781 or + 1(212) 838-3226+ 1(212) 838-3226 or by email: