Your Host Bob Cooney

Hosted by longtime amusement industry veteran Bob Cooney, the DNA US Conference podcast series features in-depth interviews with the leading minds shaping the DOE sector.  Conducted on-site at the DNA Conference in LA, these interviews offer a glimpse into the quality of content and professionalism of the speakers at this ground-breaking event.

Bringing Imaginality Back to the Entertainment Experience – feat. Christopher Stapleton

Is modern entertainment and media killing our ability to utilize all our senses? Has out-of-home entertainment been devolving since the 1800’s?  Has the efficiency of film as a media limited us to developing only 2 of our 5 senses? How can we bring participation back into the entertainment experience so we can all live more productive, enjoyable and even longer lives?  Chris Christopher Stapleton from Simiosys delves into these and other mind-blowing topics including how we can use this new experiencial media of Physical and Virtual Realities, but also the Imaginality of the user.

Christopher Stapleton is as an internationally renowned experience producer and designer, and is known for his research in Mixed Reality innovations for education, entertainment, training and marketing. He has co-authored the Interplay Instructional Strategy theory with Dr. Atsusi Hirumi advancing Experiential Learning theories with interactive entertainment for the next generation learner.

His research in human experience led to the creation of the Media Convergence Lab at the Institute for Simulation and Training (www.ist.ucf.edu) to explore the next generation technology, techniques and talent for “Experiential Media.”  His current Simiosys is developing the next generation of product franchises in Mixed Reality that melt the boundaries between physical, virtual and imaginary realities. He currently is creating an Experiential Learning Landscape for NASA and the Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and Human Performance Research for NAVsea with strategic partner SimVentions.

Christopher was a founding faculty member of the University of Central Digital Media that has formed into the School of Art and Design. He has been a visiting professor at the Technical University of Munich working with the Computer Aided Medical Procedure Lab with Dr. Navab. Christopher received his MFA and BFA from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts in New York City.

The Genesis of the DNA – How and Why It’s Critical to Arcade 2.0 – with founder Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams discusses the genesis of the DNA Conference and Association.  He answers some tough questions about the need for a new association, highlighting how the DNA is a voice for its key constituencies of technology providers, developers, operators and investors looking or opportunities in the out-of-home entertainment sector.  The DNA is focused more on applications of what Polygon called Arcade 2.0.

Kevin Williams is founder and director of the out-of-home leisure entertainment consultancy KWP Ltd. His extensive experience in global video amusements and high-tech attractions includes top management and design posts with a focus on new technology development and applications. He is a well-known speaker on the industry lecture circuit and has authored numerous articles. Williams is also the publisher of ‘The Stinger Report’, a leading industry e-newsletter and Web-based information service; and the co-founder of ‘The Redemption & FEC Report’.  He has worked for such entertainment icons as Infogrames, Hughes and Walt Disney.

Can Interactive and Social Experiences Lure the Millenials Back to the Movies – with Nick DeMartino

Nick looks at the challenges of theater business today.  With the movie theater having been relegated to a date night experience and TV now dominating the cultural buzz, how can theater chains and suppliers utilize immersive and interactive technology to satisfy the millennial demographic that is obsessed with their devices and demand a more social experience.

A visionary pioneer in the development of breakthrough media, Nick DeMartino provides strategic consulting services for creative businesses, producers, nonprofits, philanthropists and educators. For twenty years, Nick was Senior VP of Media and Technology at the American Film Institute, where he created innovative programs at the intersection of technology and creativity.

Engaging Your Customers with Social Media feat. Cammie Dunaway and Jamison Selby

How well do you know your consumers?  Is it time to move beyond Facebook?  Find out what other social networks are relevant to out of home entertainment centers? In order to maximize the impact of social media on your entertainment business, you need to know what motivates your customers to seek you out.  Once you do that, you can motivate THEM to help expand your social influence.

Don’t miss this extremely engaging session where we take a deeper dive into social media for Family Entertainment Centers with two leaders in the social marketing space.

Jamison Selby is a game industry executive and entrepreneur with a wide-ranging background across the entertainment industry. He has years of experience leading cross-disciplinary design and production teams in the creation of multiplayer social games. He is a veteran producer and designer, skilled at managing complex projects through their complete life cycle.

Selby’s core focus at Socialtype is new business development and sales. He crafts strategic partnerships, manages client relationships and works with the executive team to drive new product development. He also serves as chair of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers Association and is the founder of Downloadable Change, a non-profit dedicated to promoting virtual fundraising partnerships between the game industry and non-profit organizations.

As US President for Kidzania, Cammie Dunaway is responsible for bringing the amazing KidZania edutainment experience to kids in the US with a target of opening their first facility here in early 2014. In addition, as Global CMO she is helping to build their brand through exciting programs like B.KidZanian Loyalty as well as developing various global events and campaigns.  Prior to Kidzania, Cammie was the EVP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo for the launch of Wii, Wii Fit and Nintendo DS, and held the role of Chief Marketing Officer for Yahoo during the mid-90’s.