UK Conference 2013

DNA London Seminar 2013 will be held on January 21 in conjunction with the EAG International Exhibition in London, which is scheduled for 22-24 January. Located at EXCeL London, EAG is a trade event dedicated to the amusement and leisure industries. DNA has been invited to hold a one-day seminar scheduled on the day prior to the trade show floor opening.


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Seminar Agenda

9:30 –
9:45 am
1 – Welcome –
Kevin Williams, KWP & Founding Chair of DNA Association
9:45 –
10:15 am
2 – Keynote –
“The NEW REALITY in Location-Based Entertainment”

Randy White, White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning

A sea change is underway in spending, participation rates, socioeconomic participation, time use and other dimensions of public use of out-of-home entertainment venues. These trends are impacting all types of venues and having a major impact on not only attendance and revenues, but more importantly, on the new formulas needed for location-based entertainment to successfully operate in the New Reality.
10:15 –
10:35 am
3 – Innovations in Arcade Gaming
– Speaker
David Young, BMI Gaming
Fitting to support the expectations of those that will be attending the EAG International show the next day, this session will assess current and future innovations in amusement gaming, including the application of online games, mobile games, and social media in arcades impacting the trade and the audience they serve.
10:50 –
11:50 am
4 – New Models and Opportunities for 4D/5D Experiences in Leisure Facilities
– Speakers

Markus Beyr, Attraktion! GmbH
John Sullivan, Dcinex UK
Andrew Jenkinson, vStream Digital Media

4D and 5D experiences are injecting new life in leisure facilities, and generating more dynamic experiences and greater visitor engagement in those facilities. They offer a deeper level of immersion, and are highly competitive with interactive experiences in the home market. However, they sometimes appear gimmicky, with little thought given to the quality of content and overall experience. This session will examine how best to develop new opportunities for 4D/5D experiences in such markets as museums, movie theaters, and retail environments.
It will highlight the importance of developing richer customized content, expanding the range of content offered in leisure facilities, especially edutainment, forming stronger content partnerships with museums and other cultural institutions, and developing more effective business models that emphasize pay-per-play, subscription, and sponsorship revenue. This session will devote special attention to new seating systems and viewing perspectives that can significantly enhance 4D/5D experiences in leisure facilities, and smaller and less expensive 4D/5D simulators. In addition, new opportunities for 4D/5D experiences in water parks will be assessed.
11:50 –
12:15 pm
5 – Hybrid/Mixed Reality Games – Bringing Cross-Dimensional Game Play to Leisure Facilities
– Speaker
Adrian Hon, Six to Start
The introduction of hybrid or mixed reality games in leisure facilities, typically using mobile devices as a bridge between real and virtual experiences, promises to open up whole new levels of interactivity in leisure facilities, create more engaging and immersive experiences, and attract new audiences to leisure facilities.This session will discuss the best ways to apply this powerful new interactive form in leisure facilities, and the response so far to hybrid/mixed reality games in amusement parks and other leisure facilities. Adrian Hon of Six to Start will discuss the implications of and opportunities for alternate reality/mixed reality games in amusement parks and other leisure facilities drawing on his company’s experience developing location-based storytelling games for public places. He’ll highlight ways to enhance the storytelling element of these types of games and expand their context.
12:15 –
1:15 pm
1:15 –
1:40 pm
6 – Evolving Paradigms for Interactive Dark Rides
– Speaker
Benoit Cornet, Alterface
Benoit Cornet of Alterface will provide an overview of the evolution of dark rides, highlighting the emergence of interactive dark rides, the increasing incorporation of laser games in dark rides, and the development of storytelling techniques in dark rides. He will also discuss new opportunities for interactive dark rides in family entertainment centers and other leisure facilities, as well as new opportunities opened up by smaller, more compact, and less expensive interactive dark ride systems.
1:40 –
2:25 pm
7 – New Directions in Interactive Dark Rides
– Speakers
Ernest Yale, Triotech
Philippe Chiwy, de pinxi
This session will focus on the expanding scope of interactive dark rides, which are integrating more game-like and cinematic effects and 4D/5D technologies. The use of interactive dark rides to foster greater social interaction will also receive special attention in this session. Overall, this session will highlight how new forms of interactive dark rides will help expand their capabilities and reach.
2:25 –
2:50 pm
8 – Leveraging Ambient Systems to Deliver Games and other Interactive Applications in Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, and Casinos
– Speaker
Bruno Giversen, Mindstorm Multitouch
Interactive ambient systems are creating whole new opportunities for games , Internet content, ads, and other interactive applications in such establishments as bars, restaurants, clubs, and casinos. Intelligent surface systems, in particular, offer leisure facilities special benefits by creating striking special effects and incorporating games more closely and transparently in tables, countertops, and other surfaces. This session will examine how these games and other interactive applications are helping to attract and retain guests, serve as key marketing tools, and provide important facility information to guests. Bruno Giversen of Mindstorm will outline how best to exploit the use of these games and other interactive applications using intelligent surface systems in leisure facilities.
2:50 –
3:50 pm
9 – Powering Up Apps in Leisure Facilities
– Speakers
Ross Tuffee, Mobile
Alex Fleetwood, Hide & Seek
Mark Locker, Theme Park Nerd
A dizzying array of apps have been introduced by leisure facilities, but the strategy behind these apps has been sometimes unclear and haphazard. This session will focus on effective strategies for developing apps that are distinctive, engaging, and informative in leisure facilities. It will highlight the success apps have had in generating greater visitor attendance, providing more useful attractions and facility information, increasing visitor engagement, reaching new audiences, extending attractions, and promoting leisure facilities. The session will underscore ways apps can be employed to afford more dynamic blended experiences linking visitors at leisure facilities with their friends and others outside those facilities using smartphones. A special focus of the session will be on the development of game apps to spur greater engagement with attractions and leisure facilities ing eneral, and on new features expanding the capabilities of attractions apps, such as special analytics.
3:50 –
5:00 pm
10 – Deep Immersion- Crystallizing Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, and Gesture-Based Experiences in Leisure Facilities
– Speakers
Paul Collimore, Animalive
Dale Herigstad, Possible Worldwide
Stephan Heck, Tripventure

Augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, and gestural technology bring key new interactive dimensions to leisure facilities, and offer special benefits in those facilities, including greater visitor engagement and deeper immersiveness. Augmented reality displays a magical quality stemming from the fusion of real and virtual world elements, and seems poised to play a significant role in leisure facilities. But how can it transcend the novelty effect and achieve its true potential?
This session will focus on the kinds of applications, experiences, and trends that are likely to drive augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, and gestural technology forward in amusement parks, museums, and other leisure facilities, such as the integration of augmented reality in live events, the use of motion-controlled VR games, the fusion of AR and social media, treasure hunts, and the integration of AR in hybrid real/virtual experiences.
5:00 –
5:15 pm
11 – The Experience Economy- UKTI
– Speakers
Richard Parry – UK Trade & Investment
The United Kingdom Trade & Investment (UKTI) works with UK-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the UK as their global partner of choice. With this work the UKTI has instigated a major initiative promoting the ‘Experience Economy’. This part of the seminar will draw together those involved in various associations touched by this initiative and discuss how best to build on the work done to date.
5:15 –
5:30 pm
12 – Seminar Wrap-Up
Kevin Williams, KWP & Founding Chair of DNA Association
Closing statement on the DNA London Seminar 2013 – and the developments shaping the DNA Association that has instigated the drive to promote the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment sector.
5:30 –
6:00 pm
Refreshments and a chance to connect with speakers and attendees – as well as an opportunity to play the ‘Searchlight’ game by Hide and Seek.
NOTE – ‘Searchlight’ is a fast-paced physical game for two players, who co-operate to clear the playing field of a motley collection of wooden balls and blocks – without being caught in the moving spotlight.