UK Conference 2011

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UK DNA Program

”I would like to start by thanking all those that have supported the launch of this inaugural DNA (Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association) Conference. It has been a considerable undertaking to gather together leaders and innovators in this emerging market – many of whom are focused on totally different markets that are only now seen to interconnect.”

Kevin Williams – KWP
DNA Conference 2011 – Event Director 

The Program

Opening Presentation 

Richard Parry – UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Representing the conferences excellent hosts of the one day event – and supporters of the DNA initiative from his position of directing the Entertainment Economy initiative – fitting in with the governmental organizations mandate to promote UK-based companies succeed in the increasingly global economy. In his statement welcoming delegates he mentioned the fact, “When Kevin first pitched this idea it sounded great – albeit something of a pipe dream. But he made it happen. His energy, professionalism and feel for the sector makes me believe that the DNA is here to stay – and that it is an organisation we want to work with, and through. UKTI is all about building international business networks. So is the DNA. Let’s make it work”.

Keynote Speaker  

Randy White – White Hutchinson Leisure
& Learning Group

Well-respected authority on the entertainment facility sector and honoured keynote speaker – Randy set the high standard and informative nature of presentations for the day – making the trip from the US especially to present. Randy’s thought provoking presentation was littered with compelling information regarding the audience that the DOE sector is aiming at – including the reliance on social networking and interactivity. He stated afterwards. “I was happy to support the aspirations of what Kevin put together with this conference, was very happy with what was achieved at this first one and look forward to further developments and being part of DNA.” For a Copy of his presentation go to:

Digital Amusement & Pay-to-Play Sector

Ernest Yale – TrioTech Amusement

The well-known and exuberant President and Chief Executive of the Canadian company, he personally flew over from Canada to present in person at the first event. Offering a personal view on how TrioTech applies themselves in this developing industry – Ernest was able to exclusively reveal their new ‘XD Dark Ride’ interactive theatre. Commenting on the event, he said “the DNA conference is what we need in the industry to publicizing those working in the sector and offering a chance to share ideas and experience – this first event looks like a great start.”


Digital Interactive Attractions

Benoit Cornet – Alterface S.A

Lending his support to the event and making his own long trip on the day from Belgium to be at the conference; Benoit’s presentation offered a glimpse of the under sung and very impressive library of work achieved in this sector. Exclusively revealing at the conference the companies work for the London Dungeon brand new attraction ‘Vengeance’, being the UK’s first 5D Laser ride. “This was an impressive first step in defying the market and allowing companies like Alterface present to an appreciative audience what we do best”.


Charles Voss – Trans-Force International 

Managing Director of the Irish based developer, added to the international flavour of the event; present what they have achieved success internationally with their Entertainment and Edutainment interactive technology. Charles commented on his time at the London Conference, stating “it was a fantastic and informative opportunity to reveal what we do, but also to present for the first time a future plans including the first ever presentation of our amazing new ‘PEGASUS’ adventure attraction. We look forward to supporting the next stage of development of DNA.”


‘Retail-tainment’ & Hospitality Sector

Ariel Almos – EyeClick

Ariel Almos, CEO and Founder of EyeClick, a leader in OOH motion activated gaming platforms, honoured the inaugural DNA Conference by presenting in person. Ariel was able to offer an informative overview of the unique platform EyeClick develops and the wide variety of locations and venues that have come to embrace the unique play experience this tracking technology offers. Speaking afterwards, Ariel said that “The DNA Conference was new experience for EyeClick and the passion of the organizers encouraged our involvement. We are happy that we did attend and had a chance to be a part of what we feel will be a vibrant and new champion of in the sector.”

Paul Collimore – Animalive UK Limited

Heading up the Global sales operation for the UK company – Paul came to the conference with a enthusiastic and interactive presentation, revealing how the companies on-screen digital characters interact with astounded audiences in a wide selection of installations. Paul stated, “we have worked with KWP and knew that they had planned a conference and wanted to play our part in what proved a great event, getting the message out about the success we and others have achieved.” Animalive’s technology was on show in the Break Out area of the conference centre entertaining and impressing delegates with their ‘Chatterbox’ interactive enclosure.


Edutainment  & ExerGaming

Duncan Lawson – Instyle Fitness

Offering his formidable support behind the conference, Instyle also supported the Break Out area with an example of their ‘Aerobike’ exercise cycles championing of the true application of ExerGaming and digital interactive exercise systems. In an informative presentation Duncan also revealed exclusively to the audience their ground-breaking work with the 2012 Para Olympics and the involvement of the companies ‘WebRacing’ infrastructure. Speaking after his presentation Duncan said “I really enjoyed the energy and passion of this first event – it also proved an excellent opportunity to get the message out regarding what we have achieved in the ExerGaming scene and meet opportunities to support our hunt for distributors for our new systems.”

Martin Charlton – Cisco Systems Limited

Responsible for the Territory Business of Cisco UK, Martin presented to the DNA event underlining the relevance of the multi-billion Dollar corporation support of this emerging DOE sector. Offering an insightful and high-powered presentation one that revealed that Cisco technology is “changing the way we work, live, play and learn”. Martin said “the DOE sector is exactly an area that we are working to support with our leading connectivity technology, and we are excited to support the DNA initiative – speaking with more companies looking for support that we could offer.”


Interactive Gaming Content Development

Patrick Michael – SEGA Amusement Europe

Offering an insightful and informative presentation behind the curtain of the Research & Development of the European amusement giant – Patrick went into the detail that shapes the creation of video amusement content. He also went into the fundamentals of working with consumer game content publishers to make their product work as a successful amusement platform. Commenting on the conference, he stated “I found this enjoyable and informative, and for a first event it has got off to a great start – glad we could play our part.”


Operating in the ‘New’ Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Environment

David Young – BMI Worldwide

Another of the US executives that made the trip especially to support the new conference and its future plans – the passionate Chief Executive of the largest online global amusement distributor, gave a passionate and heartfelt presentation that struck the right cord with the audience regarding what is needed in the sector. David commented that “The DNA Conference in London was an excellent beginning of the next wave of innovation in the amusement industry, and start of something big – We were amazed that Kevin could gather such a line-up of important sponsors and speakers on such short notice, and this significant achievement shows there is a serious interest within the amusement and attractions sector for change and innovation, in order to get our industry moving forwards towards its future destiny.”

Closing Statement 

Kevin Williams – KWP Limited

The visionary behind this momentous undertaking of a new conference, (expertly supported by Martine Parry); Kevin has championed his passion in defining the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment (DOE) sector and achieving its rightful recognition. As well as moderating all the sessions and presenting his own views, Kevin was also able to wow those attending the conference with an exclusive sneak-peak of the cinematic trailer for the ‘i-Cocoon’ – a proof of concept, DOE conceptual design by a US developer.

Commenting during the well attended evening VIP Reception after the conference he said “I greatly appreciate all the support and sponsorship we received for this event – I know that any first event can receive a rocky start, but the unanimous congratulations for the DNA Conference London vindicates the plan that we have been striving so hard to execute. In launching the DNA operation it was great to gather so many people that ‘get it’ – and wanted to be a part of it!”

Finally, Kevin was able to reveal the plans moving forward – “now with the London DNA Conference under our belts we need to keep the momentum going, and it is with this in mind that we announce that a new Association will be formed to support developers and operators of DOE technology – as well as those interested to work in the sector. Along with the association we also can reveal that interest has been such from those unable to make the July (UK) event, have demanded that a US conference be held later this year – more details to follow.”