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– July, 20, 2013

DNA Announces Growth & New Book: The Out Of Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier

The Digital Out Of Home Interactive Entertainment Network Association is on the move again with some news about their growth as a group and plans for launching a new book about the industry this October.

First on the growth, they have added fifty “Founding Members” to the organization which includes  various big names in the industry from distributors, manufacturers and developers. Arcade Heroes is also a part of that list. If you’re interested in seeing who is who on the list, you can check out the PDF here. The press release below gets more into the significance of adding this many organizations to the association this quickly.

Second, a new book is in the works which highlight the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment sector, that arcades play a role in. The book will be called The Out Of Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier and features interviews with over sixty executives that have been or currently are a part of our industry. The press release likewise offers up more details on that and pre-ordering. The book will be available Q4 this year, just in time for IAAPA 2013.

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– July, 12, 2013

DNA Association marks DooH milestones

New organisation announces major developments, including its first fifty founders, a book deal and Yearbook launch.

The Digital out-of-home entertainment Network Association (DNA) has announced an update on its development as a rapidly growing affiliation of individuals and companies in the space.

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– July, 11, 2013

DNA Association Achieves Major Developments

The DNA (Digital Out-of-Home-Entertainmnt Network) Association announced today in a media release the progress and latest developments since it’s founding.

The association, originally founded by Kevin Williams, marks major milestones for this rapidly growing affiliation of individuals and companies.

The release announces the inclusion of the first fifty new found members to join the association, the signing of a major book publishing deal, the launch of a new Yearbook service to support the growing association, and the bestowing of the first ‘Honorary Member’ into the Association.

The Fifty Member Milestone is the first on this list of announcements made by the DNA today. Members come from all throughout the key areas of the Out-of-Home- Entertainment sector, comprising amusement, attractions, retail, hospitality, edutainment and leisure.

The DNA Associations founding chairman, Kevin Williams, announced some of the names that have signed up to support the association, “I am honored to reveal that names such as SEGA Amusements, NAMCO Entertainment Inc., LAI Games, UNIS and Raw Thrills are just some of the amusement corporations that have joined the DNA this year.”

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