Douglas Trumbull: Taking a Wide Angle View of Next Generation Immersive Entertainment

We’re thrilled and honored to announce that legendary American film director and special effects luminary, innovator, and entrepreneur, Douglas Trumbull, Trumbull Studios is confirmed to deliver a keynote fireside chat at the first-ever Future of Immersive Leisure event this September.

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Knott’s Berry Farm Takes A Shot At Releasing Their Own VR Arena

In partnership with VRstudios, Knott’s Berry Farm has launched the first permanent installation of a free-roaming, multi-player VR experience in a U.S. theme park called VR Showdown In Ghost Town.

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A Great Business Idea: Start A VR Arcade

That’s right — arcade businesses no longer need to consist only of video games from the 80’s and cheesy prizes. There are already businesses around the world that are integrating this new technology into their offerings.

Take the case of Playdium Virtual Reality arcade in Causway Bay, Hong Kong. It’s located directly above Razer’s Hong Kong store and is decked out with all of the latest VR equipment. There’s even a virtual boxing ring that offers a workout akin to an afternoon at the gym.

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VR Zone: A Full Visit Of Tokyo’s Newest VR Arcade

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First Look: AR Bumpercars

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First Look At Kraken Unleashed VR Coaster

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Study: Location-based VR Set To Prosper

Technology, content and business model risk all are possible gating factors but they are unlikely to prevent the location-based virtual reality entertainment (LBVRE) sector growing to reach $1.2 billion by 2021, says Greenlight Insights.

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Arcades never disappeared — they evolved

Though arcades are still very much alive in Asia, they underwent a slow extinction in the U.S. A handful have survived, and a few new ones have sprung up but not without adapting to the times. Gone are the arcades that survived solely on spare change and the newest Street Fighter cabinet. Most modern establishments now count on revenue from more than just video games, and a few different business models have sprung up.

Under new management, Chinatown Fair has now rebranded as a family fun center. Barcade marries retro arcade games with craft beer and features brewery-centric events. Even Next Level, the spiritual successor to the original Chinatown Fair, has changed with the times and now incorporates live-streaming events.

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The Best VR Experience Out Right Now Might Be at Your Local Movie Theater

The VR Centre is part of a pilot program Imax is currently rolling out across the globe — there’s already one location in Los Angeles, and more to come in the U.K., Japan, and China. (Imax is a Canadian company, thus the polite and goofy spelling of center.) At first glance, it reminded me of a combination of a very nice open-office plan and an old-school video arcade. Booths are set up to allow for room-scale VR (i.e., you can walk around with a VR headset on, and it tracks your movements), along with a few motion-assisted rides (think chairs that move around while you wear a headset). You pay roughly one buck per minute of VR, depending on which game you want to play.


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Brand New “Ghostbusters” Dark Ride

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