Jackpot! VR Gaming Machines

In his latest column for VRFocus leading exponent of the out-of-home entertainment sector, Kevin Williams reports back from Europe’s largest gambling, online gaming and casino convention. Exclusively revealing the impact that virtual reality (VR) is having on is industry that has a serious interest in the re-emergence of this technology.








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With New Invention, Virtual Reality’s Potential for Magic Gets Real

In an ordinary office complex here, past stacked cartons of Mountain Dew and a throng of hoodie-wearing employees, sits a prototype for an attraction that Hollywood thinks will become the next entertainment craze — an offering that could mint money for its developers, throw a lifeline to struggling shopping malls and, at long last, jump-start sales of virtual reality gear.

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Inside IMAX’s Los Angeles VR Center

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Dreamscape Immersive Wants to Bring Virtual Reality Multiplex to Los Angeles

Dreamscape Immersive, a new Los Angeles-based startup for location-based virtual reality, wants to open a VR Multiplex in Los Angeles this coming September. The facility will use untehered VR headsets to allow consumers to move freely through a space and interact with real and virtual objects as well as with each other.

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Kevin Williams Interviewed CGTV About Future of Family Entertaiunment

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The VOID’s New CEO Cliff Plumer Promises Additional Locations, Experiences for This Year

Location-based virtual reality startup The Void will launch multiple new locations in the U.S. this year, and is also looking to cooperate on new experiences based on well-known intellectual property, the company’s new CEO Cliff Plumer told Variety this week. “Big IPs are big draws,” Plumer said.

The Void is probably best known for its “Ghostbusters Dimension” VR experience at Madame Tussauds in New York, which allows two players to explore the world of “Ghost Busters” together, armed with VR headsets, special wests and weapons. “That’s the first pilot project,” said Plumer.

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Arcade cabinet brings wind, smell and bugs to VR

Koei Tecmo Wave, the company best known for the Dynasty Warriors game series, has unveiled an arcade cabinet that adds all-new sensations to virtual reality. The “VR Sense” enclosure is a “multifunction 3D seat” that brings movement, aroma, touch, wind, heat, cold, rain and mist to VR, the company says. It seems it’s not meant for the home, however, but as a “pay-per-use” machine, designed to liberate you from your cash at arcades or other facilities.


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ICAR and D-BOX Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of the largest racing motion simulator centre in Canada

ICAR, Canada’s ultimate motorsports complex and D-BOX Technologies Inc. (“D-BOX”), a world leader in immersive motion seating technology, are proud to announce the launch of Canada’s largest racing motion simulator centre in Mirabel starting in the winter of 2017.

After months of development that brought together the passion of ICAR, the expertise of VRX Simulators and the cutting-edge motion technology of D-BOX, racing fans will finally get a chance to experience 10 state-of-the-art racecar simulators.

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Kevin Williams, one of the speaker in 6th Asia Theme Park

Kevin Williams, Director of KWP Ltd., consultancy, and founding Chairman of the Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Network Association (DNA)– I have found the Asian Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA) a fantastic opportunity to interact with the vast opportunities that the Chinese entertainment sector has-to offer the international attractions and amusement market. The opportunity to be invited to present to leading executives in this sector during the show conference, describing our work in developing immersive entertainment technology (including simulation, VR, AR and Mixed Reality), while learning of the developments being created in this sector, proved invaluable. That all this was achieved from an event only in its infancy demonstrates the great opportunity that exists in this market. The AAA’17 show will prove to be another must attend event for those achieving success in this evolving international industry, and I look forward to meeting you all in Guangzhou during March 2017.

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MMOne unveils commercial version of insane giant simulator arm for wild VR rides

MMOne announced that the commercial version of its insane gaming chair mimics the motions that happen in a virtual reality game and makes you feel every twist and turn in a physical way.

The Ukraine-based company wants to turn your VR world upside down with a giant simulator arm that spins you around 360 degrees to match what happens in VR. It represents the high end of what is possible in the virtual reality business, which could hit $30 billion by 2020, according to tech adviser Digi-Capital.

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