Can VR Save The Movie Theater, Or The Mall?

Don’t quote me on that. The quality of in-home is so good today, the challenge is to offer something they will never have at home.” A long line of speakers confidently predicted that Location Based VR (LBVR) was going to be one of the key economic drivers of this first wave of consumer VR products, while at the same time exposing countless millions to the technology.

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World’s First AR Entertainment Store Opens

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Podcasts – Interview with FOIL Attendees

Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL) Interviews:

– Bob Cooney talks with Kevin Williams, organizer of the Future of Immersive Leisure Conference, about the theme of the show, and what’s coming that could revolutionize the amusement industry

– Bob Cooney talks with Greg Lombardo, who works in the IP world with 20th Century Fox. The two talk about the future of IP in the industry and how new tech can augment even the greatest brands.


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New Japanese VR Scare Experience

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Battle For Eire – Virtual Reality Ride Coming in 2018

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‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire’ Disney World VR Attraction Gets New Trailer

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Oculus is now selling its Rift headset to businesses with a new bundle

It’s the first time Oculus has sold its Rift headset specifically for commercial purposes. The Oculus Rift for Business bundle costs $900, and includes the headset, Oculus Touch Controllers, three room sensors, an Oculus remote, and three Rift Fits.

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Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire Tickets Now On Sale, Check Out The Trailer

Tickets are now on sale for what is likely going to be one of the best introductions to virtual reality on the planet — Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire.

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Gamblit Gaming bringing real-money PAC-MAN to casino floors

A real-money version of 1980’s arcade classic PAC-MAN is coming to casino floors thanks to skill-based gamers Gamblit Gaming.

Gamblit announced that it had struck a deal with Japanese games publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment to bring PAC-MAN Battle Casino, a real-money version of the wocca-wocca-wocca classic, to casino floors.
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FOIL’17 – Video of VR Coaster & Rides Panel Session

The VR Coasters & Rides session was recorded by the team of Falcon’s Creative Group and is shared here: