VR gets real: “Hyper Reality Experience” launches in UK

The UK’s first virtual reality-powered game experience will launch in Leeds next month when a leading escape game company unveils the Hyper Reality Experience, the first in a series of centres to be launched in British cities.

Tick Tock Unlock, which has six sites in four cities, has created an experience merging virtual reality technology with physical sets and multisensory effects to create a unique, fully immersive, multi-player entertainment attraction.

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2017 Asian Paradise and Scenic Development Forum and the sixth issue of China’s theme park construction of high-level seminar hot start – analysis of the status quo, look to the future

March 6, by the China theme park construction of high-level expert group, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. and Asian Paradise and Attractions Association, Shanghai Mai Division creative industry agencies, Fujian Fog Wizard Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Dalian Bath River Valley Environmental Art Engineering Co., Ltd. co-organized the 2017 Asian Paradise and Attractions Development Forum and the sixth China theme park construction high-level seminar in Guangzhou Pearl River Hotel (Address: Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, the right one road on the 2nd) officially opened.

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First global specialized VR/AR Gambling Conference will take place in Prague

The conference that will bring together leading professionals and evangelists in the VR/AR gambling sector from all over the world in order to efficiently develop and design new approaches of creating and implementing innovative gambling technologies.

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These terrifying motion machines are the VR experience you’ve always wanted

VR, for the most part, is still a gimmicky experience. Maybe the answer is another gimmick?

When paired together, the first gimmick (virtual reality), and the second gimmick (Robot VR or Gyro VR) could prove to be a potent combination.

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Canadian arcade specialist Ctrl V is betting big on virtual reality, opening arcades across the country, offering a variety of games and other experiences. Michael Mascioni found out more…





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Six Flags’ new VR roller coaster is both breathtaking and broken

Imagine screaming through deep space, swerving through the wreckage of exploding starships in a high-octane scene plucked straight out of a science fiction movie. Suddenly the universe stops, frozen in time as your body continues to hurl through the void at high speed. Your stomach churns at the realization that it’s moving but, somehow, the world around you isn’t. That’s what happened to me this weekend on Six Flags’ Galactic Attack — a virtual reality roller coaster, available at Six Flags’ two California parks, that broke halfway through my ride. Twice.


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Why Arcades Haven’t Died In Japan

As The Financial Times reports in a recent piece on Japanese arcades [Game on: why Japan’s arcades are still winning], there were 44,000 of them during their mid-1980s heyday. Today, the Japan Amusement Industry Association says there are 4,856 registered arcades across the country. There also another estimated 9,000 locales, each having under fifty machines.

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Virtual Arcade By Polymorph and Asterion VR

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Jackpot! VR Gaming Machines

In his latest column for VRFocus leading exponent of the out-of-home entertainment sector, Kevin Williams reports back from Europe’s largest gambling, online gaming and casino convention. Exclusively revealing the impact that virtual reality (VR) is having on is industry that has a serious interest in the re-emergence of this technology.








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With New Invention, Virtual Reality’s Potential for Magic Gets Real

In an ordinary office complex here, past stacked cartons of Mountain Dew and a throng of hoodie-wearing employees, sits a prototype for an attraction that Hollywood thinks will become the next entertainment craze — an offering that could mint money for its developers, throw a lifeline to struggling shopping malls and, at long last, jump-start sales of virtual reality gear.

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