Amazing Last Walk Round DisneyQuest

Having achieved a record breaking 20-years of service, this video charts the current state of the site scheduled to close in July 2017:

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Namco Opening Full VR Zone Facility In Shinjuku

With the new VR Zone, they are expanding on the six original games that were tested last year, moving up to fifteen different VR amusements. The one that will certainly draw the most attention is Mario Kart Arcade GP VR, a version of the game that is based on Namco’s MK Arcade GP series but with improved graphics and a focus on first person racing. The consoles for all of the equipment feature arcade quality controls and some times motion; in the case of Mario Kart, gesture sensing to throw items like shells. Here’s a promo video that shows it all in action:

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Augmented and virtual reality return to Cedar Point with two experiences

Guests are able to enjoy augmented and virtual reality experiences at Cedar Point now through Sept. 4, with “The Battle for Cedar Point” mobile game and Iron Dragon: VR.

“The Battle for Cedar Point” mobile game enriches guests in-park adventures with augmented reality, complete with a new look, improved interactivity and game features. This free game allows guests to choose a “coaster alliance” and battle virtually with other guests. Guests can align themselves with coasters like Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, GateKeeper, Valravn and Maverick.

cedar point

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The Virtual Arena: From Silver Screen to Silicon Dreams! (Pt 1)

With the Digital Out-of-Home entertainment (DOE) applications of virtual reality (VR) gaining momentum, along with the announcement of more VR arcades scheduled to open, developments in the serious business opportunities for VR have started to galvanize. In this two-part feature, industry specialist Kevin Williams looks at the continuing impact that the movie business aligned with prominent intellectual properties (IP) have in steer new commercial entertainment VR business.

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Rumbling seats. Virtual reality. Booze. How cinemas are adapting to uncertain future

Today, moviegoers pay for tickets online and get their phones scanned at the door. They eat restaurant-style food and sip movie-themed cocktails in theater lounges before the films. They can even order food and wine while relaxing in their leather recliner seats.

Moviegoers have increasingly innovative and expensive options, especially in Los Angeles, a laboratory of multiplex innovation. The cinema industry is trying everything it can — motion seats, virtual reality and even competitive video gaming — to see what takes hold.

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Ghostbusters 5D opens at Heide Park

Based on the iconic Ghostbusters movie franchise, this new interactive experience sees guests travel through the attraction equipped with laser pistols, ghost trap and 3D glasses.

The €7.2m ($7.8m) dark ride was developed in partnership with Triotech of Canada.

“The complex technology was a special challenge for the entire team,” commented Sabrina de Carvalho, divisional director of Heide Park Resort. “In the new shop, numerous merchandise items around the Ghostbusters are available as individual reminder items to take home.

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Legoland Deutschland opens Ninjago World

Opened on April 1, Lego Ninjago World is the new highlight of the theme park in Günzburg, 100km west of Munich. Parent company Merlin Entertainments Group invested €9.2m ($9.8m) in the new area, which is the largest single investment at Legoland Deutschland since it opened its doors 15 years ago.

Lego’s popular Ninjago product line comes alive across the 7,000sq.m space, immersing families into a ninja monastery, which is lovingly and elaborately designed with many numerous Lego models.

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SEGA Open New VR Arcade Arena In Japan

The Club SEGA arcades have been a fixture in Japanese cities for over two decades, featuring some of the most iconic arcade titles from SEGA themselves and from other developers. Now SEGA are bringing virtual reality (VR) to the arcades with the new VR attractions opening at Club SEGA Akihabara New Centre.

The first attraction that will be made available at the VR arcade arena will be Mortal Blitz For Walking Attraction, a room-scale first-person shooter experience developed by Korean developer Sconek Company. Play session times for Mortal Blitz For Walking Attraction are between 8 to 15 minutes, and the title supports up to three-player multiplayer.

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Arcades of the future are going to be amazing, if StarVR is any indication

For many of us, thinking about the arcade brings back memories of old school shooter games. But kids of the future may have very different experiences. StarVR — from IMAX, Taiwanese PC maker Acer, and Swedish games studio Starbreeze — is deluxe VR like you wouldn’t get at home.

The system promises 5K resolution, with a wide 210-degree field of view, for an extra immersive experience. At the Computex show in Taipei, I had the chance to test this immersion with first-person shooter game John Wick Chronicles, based on Keanu Reeves’ shooter movie franchise.

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The Future of Immersive Leisure is here. Have you secured your spot?

The first ever Future of Immersive Leisure event is set to launch at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on September 13-14, 2017. Now is the time to book your booth!

As a Future of Immersive Leisure sponsor or exhibitor, you’ll gain access to a professional audience of attraction owners, technology innovators, decision-makers, investors, and more who are seeking to leverage the power of VR, AR, and 4D for location-based entertainment.

Join fellow industry leaders in the entertainment sector on the exhibit floor – book your booth today.

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