Intel’s VR chief expects virtual reality to divide into multiple gadgets and markets

Virtual reality hasn’t taken off in a big way with consumers, but Intel believes in its potential. It’s not clear just yet what will be VR’s biggest hit, but the platform will produce a huge amount of data that will have to be processed in the cloud using Intel infrastructure, said Frank Soqui, general manager of virtual reality at Intel.

Soqui believes that the market for headsets will separate into distinct segments, including mobile, standalone headsets; PC-based systems; and heavy-duty location-based entertainment.









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Virtual reality gamers give Hollywood Bowl a boost

Investors in Hollywood Bowl hit a strike on Monday after the ten-pin bowling firm unveiled its first special dividend alongside a full-year sales surge, boosted by customers using new virtual reality games in its arcades.

Boss Stephen Burns said a big investment was made to open a new installation at its O2 Greenwich branch in the summer. Customers pay £5.50 to put on virtual-reality goggles and play multiplayer game Hospital Escape Terror.

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Stinger Repory LIVE – 002

NFL Experience Times Square Immerses You In Football Through Tech

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Chinese Theme Park Seeks to Ride Boom in Demand for Virtual Entertainment

Giant robots and futuristic cyberpunk castles rise out of lush mountain slopes on the outskirts of Guiyang, the capital of one of China’s poorest provinces.

Welcome to China’s first virtual reality theme park, which aims to ride a boom in demand for virtual entertainment that is set to propel tenfold growth in the country’s virtual reality market, to hit almost $8.5 billion by 2020.

Staff members wearing virtual reality goggles sit in a motorized cart while performing an inspection of the attraction "Fly Over Guizhou," at the Oriental Science Fiction Valley theme park in Guiyang, Guizhou province, China, Nov. 16, 2017.

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VR RC Racing Becomes Reality!

LiveDrive™ RC Racing from N-Flatables.

BANDAI NAMCO Previews Ghost in the Shell VE Experience

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SAVE The Dates for “FOIL” Conference 2018


Ubisoft’s Rabbids Are Back In VR With Virtual Rabbids – The Big Ride

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