Why Japan’s arcades are its game industry’s cutting-edge labs

Arcades aren’t what they used to be, especially in the West. They’re looked upon as places for retro nostalgia, not where you’ll find some of the most interesting games available. But that’s where Japan has an advantage as some of the arcades are being used to test cutting-edge virtual reality games.

A Taito game station in Tokyo.

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Universal Studios Hollywood drops 3-D from Harry Potter attraction

Theme park officials were tight-lipped about the change, releasing this brief statement: “We continually evaluate our theme park ride experiences, and enabling our guests to enjoy Forbidden Journey without the use of 3-D is one example of how we are assessing various opportunities.”

Theme park experts and fans speculate that the 3-D effect may have been removed because — when combined with the moving seats — too many riders became nauseated.


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4D Cinema Firm CJ 4DPlex Takes Aim at Virtual Reality Market With Simuline “Merger”

CJ 4DPlex, the Seoul-headquartered provider of 4D cinema systems with moving seats and environmental effects such as wind and water, has announced plans to “merge” with Simuline, a Seoul-based business that develops motion simulators for entertainment venues.

The combined company, which will operate under the CJ 4DPlex moniker, plans to expand its business to include virtual reality and other areas of the attraction industry. Additional details of the planned transaction were not immediately provided.


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The Dangers of Operating VR!

VR Elevated Plank Game (IAAPA 2016) – Ends Just Like You Would Expect!

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Rising Media & KWP Launch ‘Future of Immersive Leisure 2017’ – Opportunities for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 4D in Location-Based Entertainment

Rising Media & Kevin Williams Projects announced the launch of Future of Immersive Leisure 2017, the first dedicated immersive out-of-home entertainment convention, exploring Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality business opportunities for the Location-Based Entertainment Industry. Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 is set to debut in September next year.

Rising Media & Kevin Williams Projects (KWP) announced the launch of Future of Immersive Leisure 2017, a new specialist event dedicated to accelerating business opportunities for the attractions and commercial entertainment industry with emerging Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

Future of Immersive Leisure 2017 Founder and Chair, Kevin Williams, commented on the impetus for the new event, “Amidst the hubbub about virtual reality’s potential in the consumer market, there’s little understanding of the much greater impact virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D projection mapping, and other immersive technologies are having or will have on out-of-home entertainment in the near term.”

He continued, “Next-generation immersive experiences are already generating whole new levels of engagement and revenue in such leisure facilities as amusement parks, location-based entertainment centers, retail and museums, and major rollouts of attractions based around virtual reality and other new immersive technologies are imminent in amusement theme parks, video arcades, and other leisure facilities around the world.”

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Zero Latency and Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando to Open America’s First Warehouse-scale Free Roam Virtual Reality Game Arena in Orlando

Orlando, FL – November 10, 2016 – Zero Latency, the pioneer in free-roam virtual reality gaming, will debut the first warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality game arena in America.  Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando, V Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency, will be a permanent part of the brand new Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando bowling-anchored entertainment center near the Orange County Convention Center.  While the venue, Main Event’s 30th center nationwide and first in Florida, opens to the public in early November, V Play Reality, powered by Zero Latency will not be available for public use until late November.    Select attendees of the IAAPA Attractions Expo will have the exclusive early opportunity to experience V Play Reality during the show, which runs November 15-18.

In 2015, Zero Latency opened the world’s first warehouse-scale, free-roam, virtual reality game arena in Melbourne, Australia, to six-week waiting lists. This was followed by an installation in Tokyo, Japan, in conjunction with Sega at the Joypolis amusement center.  Another Zero Latency arena will open in Madrid, Spain, ahead of the November debut in America. This makes Zero Latency the first company to roll out large-scale VR globally.

Zero Latency’s existing arenas range from 2,000 to over 4,000 square feet, making them up to five times larger than any current VR gaming environment, while placing an industry-leading 6 players in the same game simultaneously.  The patent-pending tracking system scales to any size and has been successfully tested with up to 16 concurrent players.

“Zero Latency game experiences are extremely immersive with free exploration of richly themed and hyper realistic game environments,” states Zero Latency co-founder and CEO Tim Ruse.  Zero Latency’s patent-pending motion tracking technology allows natural locomotion along with a perfectly-weighted simulated weapon, and cutting-edge VR gear.   “Zero Latency’s unique approach allows for game session lengths and themes to be completely changed instantly, giving operators the flexibility to offer a range of superlative gaming experiences from zombie hunting to space adventure to family-friendly puzzles, which bring players back over and over again.”


Zero Latency game arenas also have no physical internal walls, which enable players to walk, run, and fight their way through wildly different virtual terrains from level to level within a single game.  From breathtaking vistas on wide open rooftops with no place to hide to dense, post-apocalyptic urban settings littered with virtual obstacles that make ideal cover when the zombies start streaming in, players are kept engaged, challenged, and entertained in ways that have never been possible before.

“Warehouse-scale, free-roam, virtual reality gaming simply cannot be created at home,” notes Main Event Entertainment president and CEO Charlie Keegan.  “Zero Latency provides an undeniably compelling reason for gamers, families, parties, and friends to come out for a mind-blowingly fun and immersive group experience.  Zero Latency is a perfect match for the state of-the-art attractions featured at Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando.”

Registered IAAPA Attractions Expo attendees are strongly encouraged to immediately apply at www.iaapa.zerolatencyvr.com in advance to experience Zero Latency first hand at Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando from November 15-18. These demo slots are expected to fill up before the show. Attendees can also visit the Zero Latency booth (#262) on the show floor during the expo to learn more about large scale, multi-player, free-roam virtual gaming.

To celebrate this landmark launch in America, Zero Latency will be a Platinum Sponsor of IAAPA’s Family Entertainment Center Reception on Monday, November 14, 2016, from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Zero Latency representatives will be on hand to meet with family entertainment center owners, operators, and managers.

Main Event Entertainment at Pointe Orlando will be an ideal place for groups to get together to let their fun out.  The center will also feature other activities including state-of-the-art bowling on twenty ice-white lanes with multicolored LED lighting, a challenging gravity ropes adventure course suspended over a games gallery with nearly 100 interactive and virtual games, big screen TVs and two dining areas, serving innovative American fare and handcrafted cocktails in a high-energy bar and grill or signature artisan pizza at LaBella’s Italian street food.


About Zero Latency (www.ZeroLatencyVR.com)

Zero Latency is the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, warehouse-scale, multi-player, virtual reality gaming.  The Melbourne, Australia, based company, with game arenas on four continents, is fusing creativity and technology to build the most immersive experiences on earth. Zero Latency was named by Fast Company as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Gaming companies. Follow Zero Latency on Facebook, and Twitter.


About Main Event Entertainment (www.MainEvent.com)

Founded in 1998, Dallas-based Main Event Entertainment has 30 centers ranging from 45,000 to 75,000 square feet, Main Event offers a variety of dining options and an infinite supply of fun for people of all ages.  Its unique ‘Eat.Bowl.Play.’ experience features more than 100 cutting-edge, interactive and virtual games, state-of-the-art bowling, a multi-level laser tag arena, virtual reality experiences, a challenging.

high ropes adventure course, and billiards. Main Event is also a popular venue for group events such as birthday parties, social gatherings and corporate meetings, offering private rooms equipped with the latest audiovisual technology and full-service catering. Corporations, individuals and families consistently rank the centers “Best Place to Bowl” and “Best Party Place.” Head for FUN at Main Event Entertainment.  More information is available at mainevent.com or follow Main Event on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #EatBowlPlay.


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World’s FIRST VR PONG Tournament

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Viveport Arcade could be a $100m opportunity for devs – HTC

There aren’t many people who actually own a high-end VR headset and the requisite beefy PC to play VR games, but that doesn’t mean that VR developers can’t reach a larger audience. HTC, the hardware manufacturer behind the Vive, believes that it can revitalize arcades with VR while also giving developers a way to more effectively monetize. Viveport, the company’s own VR app storefront, is expanding with Viveport Arcade, a program that aims to bring VR setups to physical locations such as arcades, internet cafes, theaters and shopping malls.


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Creative Works Announces KWP Partnership For Mixed Reality Attraction

Creative Works, who manufacture all aspects of amusement attractions from designing the venues to manufacturing props and effects will be working with Williams to create a new attraction that won’t be VR-based but in this instance a Mixed Reality (MR) experience. As the company puts it in a press statement: “This attraction won’t be VR and it won’t be real life. Rather, it will bridge the gap to deliver the best of both worlds while eliminating the weaknesses of each.”







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HTC and Syntrend Open Viveland in Taiwan

Whether its Viveport, Vivepaper, the Vive X Accelerator programme or Vive Zones at InterContinental Hotels, HTC has continually strived to progress virtual reality (VR) around the world. Its latest development is Viveland, a VR arcade located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Viveland opened this weekend providing a range of over 20 experiences including Everest VR, Fruit Ninja VR and Zombie Camp. The arcade features open and closed booths as well as four themed zones which have gallery shooter Front Defense, racing simulator Project Cars, and Bounty VR a 4D experience where players shoot aliens and drive spaceships in a vibrating seat.


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